Easter in Lock Down, my first Wasp Sting and Spring Garden!

The whole world spent Easter in lock down on a sunny Spring morning and I sadly got strung by a wasp.
Click here to watch the vlog or see below.
I am loving seeing what everyone is up to during lock down and quarantine. I've always been a big fan of YouTube. Like many, it is what got me started vlogging myself and I've never looked back to regret it. I love having the memories for myself and if I can share that with others, it's a positive for me.

This week started with me sharing the news that I decided to move to my father's, in Wales, because I no longer felt comfortable or welcome at my childhood home. I may write about this later but right now I am not quite ready to go into the details. Just know, I classed this as an essential trip for my own metal health.

It may be that I grew up with a clean freak mother but my room as my dad's was pretty dusty when I arrived so I spent a few hours cleaning my bedroom and bathroom before unpacking. It actually felt like home really quickly and I was so happy with the little set up of all my essentials.
I had a lovely Easter weekend, enjoying reading, eating chocolates and painting my nails I spring blue. I only use OPI for those asking which brand! At least it was all going well until I got stung.
 A little wasp had been walking around my room all morning, at least I'd seen it a couple of times but then I went to kill it and couldn't find it. I even moved the bed to see if it was underneath but I couldn't see it. Well anyway, I bent down the side of my bed to grab my phone charger and sadly, the wasp pressed right into me. I think it must have not been able to fly because it had been walking around in the morning, and then it must have been crawling up the side of my bed.

It stung me not once, but twice! As I lifted up my arm to see what it was, it all happened in somewhat slow motion. I flicked it off and it landed on the carpet and then I ran downstairs to get some help. I really wanted some support but they were both on their phones so I got Karen to quickly come in to check there was no stinger in me, and luckily there wasn't. Then she went on the hunt for some relief cream before dad wandered back in himself. Thankfully, she sucked it up in a vacuum for me. Just moments after I headed back in to do some work, there was another one flying around! I couldn't believe it. This time, dad came to the rescue and sprayed it for me. Finally, I was safe!
The next day, I washed my hair and got ready as I had a couple of tutorials with video. We've been using Microsoft TEAMS to do all our lectures and tutorials and so far it has been working quite well. I am actually really quite enjoying working from home, although I don't particularly think the teaching for this module is the best.
For a break, in between my sessions, I headed around the garden. It was a gorgeous day and I have never seen my dad's garden at the height of spring with all the flowers. It is so pretty and all the blossom in different colours is just gorgeous.
The following evening, they asked if I wanted to go on a walk, which I took to mean a gentle walk into the village. Instead it was an hour and a half around fields and hills. I obviously wore jeans for the first time in 4 weeks and regretted the decision straight away, plus wore the boots which are not made for walking. Nevertheless, it was nice to get out of the house and see all the baby calves and lambs. 
To end the week, I finally received my hair dye. Unfortunately, the purple that I had originally ordered, went to my mum's house and sadly it was then out off stock. The product was also damaged and leaking, and turned out to be permanent rather than temporary as planned...oops! As of right now, I'm still undecided on whether to actually do it or not. What do you think?