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How to: Minimalise and Declutter

I've done a handful of posts on minimalising a couple of rooms in my house (bathroom and bedroom) and I have really enjoyed the feel of my new spaces.

Well, since then, I have had a number of people messaging me on how I did it.  I did film the process but even I can admit that it is a little long so I thought I would share just a few simple steps to help declutter and minimalise your own spaces.
Assess: look at what you have currently and realise how bad it really is. Take some before photos so you can visualise your progress. Empty: clear everything out of all your cupboards, drawers, unity...everything! Having it all in a big mess on the floor will only motivate you more.Clean: when was the last time you emptied the drawer or space with nothing in? Now that it's empty do a deep clean before rehoming everything. Keep, donate or bin: divide all your belongings into these three piles to help get rid of things and minimalise. Remember, if you haven't used it in the last year…

Dog Sitting and A Foggy Morning!

Crazy weather, a yummy 3 course meal at the casino and puppy sitting my sister's dog meant lots of cuddles and a week spend with my dad 1-on-1.
Click here or watch the vlog below!

The week started off with the absolute craziest weather. With all the fires in America and Portugal plus the hurricanes and storms, the wind was blowing the smog and fire over so apparently it was almost a fog with the yellow tinge. Either way, it was very odd!

According to the news we needed to stay indoors so after getting ready for the day, after going to the gym earlier in the morning, I decided to make some cookies. I am seriously terrible at baking cookies. Stay tuned for Thursday to see how they went!
I absolutely love the casino, as I'm sure you can tell, but we've had Napoleon's booked for a few month's now. It's a much more intimate experience compared to the central Leeds location so it's the one my family prefers. I do think it is really good value for money! I mean i…

My Top Photo Services!

I think everyone knows I love photography. I've even shared tips on how to take smartphone photos and how to take the perfect selfie. Over the past few years, I've made more of an effort to actually have printed versions of photos that I have taken. I love having digital copies of everything but there is something special about being able to hold onto a physical copy of a photographic memory.

In the last few months especially, I have been using different products and reviewed each of the products I have used. Here are my top album services, with the full reviews attached!

FreePrints - almost completely free, easy and quick but cheaper photo paper (then create your own traditional album).Chatbooks - cute, pretty and straight from Instagram but quite expensive for the size; as a bonus, nicest customer service! Photobooks by FreePrints - free, fast and easy but limited personalisation. Saal Digital - incredibly high quality but expensive and advanced technological capabilities nee…

How to: Blog Comment Moderation

Having a blog isn't just about me sharing my posts but also about interacting with you guys, my readers. I love commenting with everyone and being able to actually have a conversation and a discussion. I love replying to everyone and since I've been doing this for going on 4 years now, I have a lot of different posts. I was really struggling to get back to all the comments in a timely and efficient fashion. Up until recently, I was literally scrolling through every single blog post I have ever written and see if there are any new comments. 
As you can imagine that took a heck of a lot of work, time and energy. So I looked into a better method! 
I really wanted to be notified for every single comment made to one of my blog posts but as much as I reasearched, the only way I could figure out how to do that was to turn off google+ comments. It's at this point I would like to say that although I am now beyond happy with how my comments are moderated and that I finally have not…

Why Midwifery?

It’s so strange writing this post write now because I can still remember writing a similar one for Medicine. I always felt Medicine was the perfect career for me and in a way, of course, I still do but deep down, I would much rather have my mental health in check than anything else. But my heart was no longer in it, it had already moved on…to Midwifery.

If you’re here having never read another post of mine, this may not be the post your looking for but bare with me. From Medicine to Midwifery was not exactly a straight forward decision but I’m pretty adamant it’s the right one for me.

When I thought I’d failed originally, I started looking for possible alternatives. Knowing the UCL policy that allowed Medical students to bypass the first year of most other science courses also offered at UCL and jump in at Year 2, I started there. I looked over all the courses that UCL offered because after 3 years at university already, doing as little as possible sounded great! Despite that thought …

Patene Pro-V Micellar Water Collection (Review)

Last month, I received my first Savvy Circle* package. I was so excited to see the new Patene Pro-V Micellar Water Collection and even more excited to try it for myself.  Right now, everyone is talking about micellar water especially in skin care. It's been all the range for a while but I had never once heard it linked to hair care. Knowing the properties, it's surprising that more people and companies are using the properties for hair products as well, but nevertheless, Pantene appear to be one of the first. 
Micellar water is made up of small balls of cleansing oil molecules that draw impurities up and away. Inspired by this secret beauty ingredient, Pantene Pro-V Micellar Cleanse & Nourish shampoo cleanses deeply without stripping hair from essential oils. It’s a silicone-free formula specially designed for lifeless or greasy hair. You can look forward to gently purified and well-nourished locks. It provides hair with a deep clean without stripping nutrients and provid…

The Lion King the Musical (Review)

Time to talk about The Lion King the Musical. Click here to watch the trailer and here to book tickets.

Granted I went to see this almost 10 years ago but as I have written a review on every other West End performance I have seen so I thought it was only fair that I included one for The Lion King. It is going to be a little shorter than my others but perhaps that's better!

It’s honestly been one of my favourite shows ever since I saw it. I was blown away by the magic of the whole experience. Staying fairly true to the story in the film, I was amazed at how they produced the stage version. It’s very cleverly produced and the set and costume designers do nothing short of magic.
When you wonder how humans are going to play animals, you come up with a mind blank, but somehow, they make the transition flawless. The cast carry around costumes on their bodies, plus additional props to help convey the animal in which they are. It’s amazing to see the movement and ability they have with t…

The End of a Dream (Medicine)

So I recently shared some exciting news on here, that I got into the University of Nottingham to study Midwifery! I am so looking forward to this new chapter in my life and while it wasn’t in any way easy getting here, I’m really hoping for smooth sailing during this new course.

I’ll start at the very beginning. Back in May of this year, I was revising for my Medicine exams and I was struggling. I kept at it but I wasn’t enjoying it and I found it extremely tough and very overwhelming at times. I never seemed to get it and once something finally stuck, I would forget everything else. Once the first exam has finished, I knew I would be resitting. It went terribly…in fact, I vlogged my whole exam week so click here if you would like to see the rollercoaster of emotions I struggled to share over the course of that week. Despite them getting better throughout the week, in my heart and my head, I knew I’d failed. In fact, I even told people I wasn’t stressing about them because I was seein…

A Fashion Show and Another Wedding Fayre!

With a week full of swimming and working out, I didn't wear any makeup until the busy weekend. I spent far too much time with my mother but we had a lovely three days of fun: a fashion show, a bbq and a wedding fayre! 
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
Like I said, I signed up for a week's free trial at the health club my mum attends. It was fun to swim everyday and do lots of fitness classes but it defintely takes it out of you. I didn't do my makeup all week and I loved it. 
Friday was the start of a busy weekend. After going to Zumba, Aqua and Swimming in the morning, we headed home and got ready to head out. We were going to eat lunch first, but the only showing of the film I wanted to see was at an earlier time. So we got ready fairly quickly and then went to the cinema to see Home Again. I loved it, but I usually love anything Reece Witherspoon is in to be honest. 
We went to the local Showcase de la Lux which is literally cinema luxury. It's a little …

Photobooks by Freeprints (Review)

By now, you'll have probably noticed I am doing a series of photo album options and I'm really enjoying being able to review them all. This week's is a photobook by Photobooks, which is a sister company of Freeprints from last week.
Unlike the other photo albums that I've made, this one I decided to use for my business and I love it. It was super easy and simple to make, I received it quickly and good change things very easily. As a new start up business, I didn't want to spend a fortune on books showcasing my products so I think these were the perfect option for me.

Unfortunately, my first photobook did get lost in the post so I never received it but when I contacted customer services, they very quickly helped me out and I received the new one within a few days. My last order had no problems and came through very quickly.

I think everyone loves photo books, but making them in the past has always tedious work. I used to do scrapbooking but was never happy with the…

How to: Google Mail

I'm really working hard at getting my blog into a place that I'm proud of and other people love. I do put in a lot of hard work and it does take up a lot of my free time. I absolutely love it so I don't really mind but there are times when I wish more people read each individual post. 
Well, after looking into it more, there are actually a lot more people than I think, reading my posts! Unfortunately, they're just not reading it via the blog so it doesn't count. There are two places that I have discovered where people had access to my blog posts in full. 
The first was via Bloglovin' where the whole article was available directly from their site and the second was via my mail subscription service. Bloglovin' is fairly easy to correct. It's simply an option under setting on your profile. The email was a whole other situation for me. I didn't even know which email service I was using or that it could be changed! 
After some searching, I realised that…