Dog Sitting and A Foggy Morning!

Crazy weather, a yummy 3 course meal at the casino and puppy sitting my sister's dog meant lots of cuddles and a week spend with my dad 1-on-1.

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The week started off with the absolute craziest weather. With all the fires in America and Portugal plus the hurricanes and storms, the wind was blowing the smog and fire over so apparently it was almost a fog with the yellow tinge. Either way, it was very odd!

According to the news we needed to stay indoors so after getting ready for the day, after going to the gym earlier in the morning, I decided to make some cookies. I am seriously terrible at baking cookies. Stay tuned for Thursday to see how they went!
I absolutely love the casino, as I'm sure you can tell, but we've had Napoleon's booked for a few month's now. It's a much more intimate experience compared to the central Leeds location so it's the one my family prefers. I do think it is really good value for money! I mean it's a three course meal, a drink and a £10 chip for £25! My mum gave me £5 and my grandma £10, plus with the chip, I ended up spending just £5 for the whole night.
I ended up having the melon platter for my starter but they do have around 4 options for each course, for example, my sister got the risotto and my mum the fish dish.
 My main was the chicken (plain per my requirements) and a yummy sorbet selection for dessert!
 My mum's fiance ended up winning big so he treated everyone to some Champagne!
My dad ended up coming back up for the week. Not only had he closed on the house so needs to move out but he is also dog sitting my sister's dog while she goes on holiday. I thought I would stay at his for a while and help with both the dog and packing. Admittedly, I couldn't do much with the packing as everything was FAR too heavy but I did help with the dog and took her out for a good walk each day. How cute is she!?

My dad did drive me to meet up with a couple of friends for lunch at Frankie and Benny's which was nice of him. Of course, given that it took him an hour to do the round journey, by the time we'd finished eating, he had only just got back so I decided to go to the cinema as well. I went to see the new Thor movie and I really did love it but I do think the comedy aspect went a little bit over board because it almost turned it into a spoof. Review coming soon!


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