World Mental Health Day

Given the recent events that have occurred in Las Vegas, I feel it is fundamentally important to continue to talk about mental health, especially on the day purposefully made for it: World Mental Health Day.

No one knew what was going on in that shooter's life. His own brother thought he was a kind and caring individual. Everyone says he was a nice guy with a great life. So what made him kill over 50 people and injure so many more?

It makes me so sad that we live in a world where it isn't okay to talk about depression and I hate that it makes people uncomfortable. With increased awareness and more engagement, hopefully it will not remain such a taboo topic. It is so important to share so to everyone else who's suffering, has suffered, continues to suffer or knows someone who suffers, never be afraid to talk about it.

By shedding light, the darkness will fade. 

Anxiety within certain careers (healthcare in particular) is prolific, but something we don’t acknowledge enough.Considering it is an emotionally and physically demanding job, working in an overstretched and underfunded service, it's not surprising. Often people who are working in the most demanding jobs are the people who are perfectionists which only strains them further.

Yes, we talk about anxiety and other related subjects but it’s so often in an abstract way. It happens ‘sometimes’ to ‘some people’ and is 'something' we should talk about. Yes it's true but it can happen to you, your friends and your family. It should no longer be an abstract problem. I do, hand-on-heart, think it is getting so much better.

Since starting medical school, it's been interesting to see different personalities and there have been a couple of friends who have come out openly as having a mental health problem. Honestly, I think that they are the ones that are brave and strong and have all the courage in the world. I applaud them for being strong enough to put it out into the world despite all the accusations that could be thrown at them.

I think that with more people talking about it, there is more awareness and people can recognise it within themselves. But even then, many don't feel comfortable and confident enough to vocalise it or share their problems. It's still got the stigma it had years ago.

Mental Health is the UK's leading mental health research charity, championing good mental health for all. To support their invaluable work, text THRIVE to 70300 to give £3 or donate online. It's up to each of us individually to speak up and continue to strive towards a more open society of acceptance. 


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