A Fashion Show and Another Wedding Fayre!

With a week full of swimming and working out, I didn't wear any makeup until the busy weekend. I spent far too much time with my mother but we had a lovely three days of fun: a fashion show, a bbq and a wedding fayre! 

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Like I said, I signed up for a week's free trial at the health club my mum attends. It was fun to swim everyday and do lots of fitness classes but it defintely takes it out of you. I didn't do my makeup all week and I loved it. 

Friday was the start of a busy weekend. After going to Zumba, Aqua and Swimming in the morning, we headed home and got ready to head out. We were going to eat lunch first, but the only showing of the film I wanted to see was at an earlier time. So we got ready fairly quickly and then went to the cinema to see Home Again. I loved it, but I usually love anything Reece Witherspoon is in to be honest. 

We went to the local Showcase de la Lux which is literally cinema luxury. It's a little pricier but it's my mum's favourite. All the chairs are single seat reclining sofas with foot rests. It's all very posh inside and extremely relaxing. The film ended up being so cute and funny too! It was such a nice feel good movie, which is my perfect type! 

Then we headed to pizza express for late lunch/early tea before heading home and rushing to get ready for a fashion show. One of mum's friends daughter is heading to Asia for her World Challenge so they are raising money to cover costs. Honestly, the room was stifling hot and it wasn't my thing at all. It was extremely boring and I was the youngest guest there...by far! 
Afterwards, we headed to the Prosecco Bar just around the corner and Janine and mum got a quick glass. It was crazy busy up there but it was actually really pretty and atmospheric. it's defintely somewhere I would consider going back to. 
Surprisingly, I didn't take any pictures on Saturday but Janine invited the family over for a meal at her house, which almost turned into a BBQ. Harriet (their daughter) and I opted for Pizza Hut takeaway and it was scrumptious! Janine is literally the sweetest person and so kind. I had lots of fun playing with Harriet as she showed me all her toys. 

Sunday was time for another wedding fayre! Jessica came back for the weekend again and grandma decided to come along as well. I was very shocked when grandma said she wanted to come to be honest because she doesn't usually like things like this. As expected, after less than 20 minutes she had gone around all the stalls and had enough. We were still talking to the first lady about flowers. 
While grandma went to sit outside to have a drink, we continued to look around. There were lots of table decorations and I think mum was actually quite inspired by some of them. I think she's going to end up going for a rustic themed wedding, very similar to my oldest sister's wedding.
Outside, they also had a helicopter. Grandma was convinced she could afford one so asked about the price but the man was so rude! Apparently this wasn't apart of the wedding fayre and it was a service helicopter but nevertheless, it was a no.
 On the way back, we went to a relatively local farm shop. The last time I went it was tiny and didn't have anything I particularly liked so I was a little nervous to say the least but I ended up loving it. Their bread was absolutely amazing and the fish goujons were very tasty. Jessica got a vegetarian box that suited her needs and looked amazing too, while mum and grandma got the same but on different breads.
After eating, I headed to have a quick look around the little crafts shop and then moved into the farm shop. Everything is quite expensive so I only picked up some fruit: melons and strawberries. Jess got a few more vegetables to take back to university with us.
Unfortunately, we both also picked up a slice of cake but it was terrible. Totally disgusting, never again. But overall, I was really impressed and I am dreaming of going back to get that food again!


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