The Lion King the Musical (Review)

Time to talk about The Lion King the Musical. Click here to watch the trailer.

Granted I went to see this almost 10 years ago but as I have written a review on every other West End performance I have seen so I thought it was only fair that I included one for The Lion King. It is going to be a little shorter than my others but perhaps that's better!

It’s honestly been one of my favourite shows ever since I saw it. I was blown away by the magic of the whole experience. Staying fairly true to the story in the film, I was amazed at how they produced the stage version. It’s very cleverly produced and the set and costume designers do nothing short of magic.
When you wonder how humans are going to play animals, you come up with a mind blank, but somehow, they make the transition flawless. The cast carry around costumes on their bodies, plus additional props to help convey the animal in which they are. It’s amazing to see the movement and ability they have with them.

It’s quite incredible that they have the sheer power and strength to hold the props up for such long periods of time. In actual fact, the sheer consistency between the cast is a proud feat in its own right. On top of that, they then have two types of choreography to both learn and portray flawlessly. The two of joint together and combine in a way that makes it look seamless. I was blown away!
I also think the dancing and songs incorporated into the show makes it much more entertaining from a viewers perspective. It's amazing how the dances capture the animals perfectly. For example, the gazelles are super graceful and everything is on point, whereas the giraffes are more clunky. It just works. 
I love how seamless the whole show was and it really gave me and my whole family the wow factor. It's magical how a childhood classic can be brought into human nature.
It's the first Disney musical and the stage performance is a must watch for everyone. I would thoroughly recommend.


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