30 More Blogging Ideas!

After the success of my last post with blogging ideas in, I thought I would share another 30 ideas for you!
  1. Talk about what you’ve learned
  2. Answer the first question most potential customers ask you
  3. Describe a typical day
  4. Share your dreams and goals
  5. Recap the past year/month/week
  6. List what you wish people knew about you or your product/service
  7. Share and answer the 5 questions you get asked the most when you tell people what you do
  8. Describe your life/work balance
  9. Offer a weekly roundup of articles
  10. Share guest posts
  11. Create a list of trends to be aware of
  12. Share secrets others in the industry won’t
  13. Add your thoughts/opinions about someone else’s post
  14. Create and giveaway an award
  15. Create a cheat sheet that makes a difficult task easy
  16. News research 
  17. Identify a problem and list the benefits of solving it
  18. Tutorials and How-To 
  19. A ‘before and after’ post
  20. Case studies
  21. Explain how to choose something 
  22. Personal discovery story 
  23. How you learned a lesson
  24. Good and bad habits of certain types of people
  25. Advice you have received 
  26. A regular feature readers can count on e.g. Tip Tuesday
  27. A series which breaks a complicated topic into simpler parts
  28. Life Story
  29. Describe the toughest part of your life
  30. What I wish I'd known

                                                          Have you used any of these yet? Let me know in the comments below!


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