September Favourites: Health, Relaxing and LipSense!

It's been a while since I did a monthly favourites post so I thought I would share my September favourites today to mark not only the end of the month but the end of Blogtember!

HP Sprocket. I was so excited to win HPs competition to win a HP Sprocket and I chose it in white! I love mine but I also love the little accessories I've bought for it. I bought this case which is perfect to hold all the accessories and spare photo paper too. I've bought a lot of photo paper and the cheapest I've found is on Amazon which has next day delivery with Amazon Prime. Yes! Also, I found these cute frame to hold my favourite pictures. Easily changeable and can be hung or placed on the stand feature to display on a surface. It was perfect to use for my birthday photo display as a last minute printing alternative.

Caramel Apple LipSense. As you may already know I love LipSense and I sell it so this last month I've got a lot of different colours to try and I've fallen completely in love with one of them. Caramel Apple is a gorgeous frosted red colour and it's perfect for that extra pop of daily colour!

TodayTIX! This app has been my absolute favourite recently. Living in London and especially leaving London, I have spent a lot of time exploring this app. I wrote a whole review on it but simply put, not only do they offer cheap on-the-day tickets but also offer daily competitions to win tickets which I regularly enter.

VITL. I'm defintely not the healthiest person so when I came across a free trial of VITL, I looked into and decided to give it a go. There wasn't a whole lot to loose so I figured why not. I looked into it and I genuinely think they really want to help. I have written a full review but I really think it helped boost my energy.

Pretty Little Liars. Some of you that know me well may be asking why I haven't watched it before because it is a show that on paper is right up my alley. I have no idea but up until Season 5 I hadn't heard of it at all and by that point I decided to just wait until the show had finished so I can binge watch the whole thing. I made the right decision because I loved being able to watch them all in a row!

Netflix. This ties in to Pretty Little Liars a little bit but given that I've had a fair amount of free time recently, I've been loving watching and using Netflix. I luckily had access to my sister's account which was great but I love how simple it is to use and the vast range of shows and films it has on hand. My favourite thing is that the shows save what the last episode you watched was and it also skips the recap stage before each episode if you watch them all in a row.

What have you used recently, that you love?


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