My 21st Birthday!

 It was my birthday on June 16th and honestly I had a really lovely three day celebration. It was very tiring, in fact it was exhausting, but nevertheless it was tremendous fun and I had an absolute blast having so many friends and family around to celebrate.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below! It's a good vlog you should defintely want to see!

On Thursday, two of my flatmates came around and after heading around the farm (see last week's post and vlog!) we had a chilled night in watching movies to wake to me being 21! Say what?!

Luckily, Sophie is the best at taking photos and we had a full on photoshoot. All I've dreamed about is having these "21" balloons be a photo background and despite the difficulties of getting them facing the right wait, they actually turned out so cute and I love them!

We spent most of the day time decorating for the big party on Saturday but headed to a 14 person meal at a local Italian in our city. I wore a Jack Wills dress which I love but I had tried a little brighter number first only to be let down. Haha.
Considering how last minute the decorations were and higgledy-piddledy they all matched, I thought it turned out so cute! I reused some banners from other people's parties and stuck up some spare pictures. We blew up a few balloons and luckily, not all of them popped!
 I also printed off some polaroid pictures with my HP Sprocket and bought some frames from Amazon but they literally all broke. I was so disappointed so I wouldn't recommend them at all!

Sophie was the perfect model and after setting up tables all morning and trying out the slide, guests started arriving.

It took a while to get people to go on the slide but it was hilarious to see when people I actually did. I'm so sad no one took a picture of me on the slide but I swear I was on and off it all day! Especially when cute kids beg beg BEG me to go! 

It was so nice to see and speak to everyone. I wish I'd recorded more but honestly, I was just so in the moment and enjoying spending time with people I haven't seen for 6 months plus was just what I needed.

My school friends came a little later but ended up staying until nearly 3am! We chatted and gossiped around the fire pit and just had a lovely evening.

One of the best things was that my godparents were all in the same place for the first time practically since my christening. It was lovely to see them and have a picture all together.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and thank you for all the well wishes!