8 Photography Tips for a Smartphone!

I'm sure you all know how much I love to take photos and I have literally just invested in a DSLR but honestly, the camera I use to take most my photos is my phone. I have an iPhone 6S and the main reason I chose this one, over the previous version, was because of the quality of the camera.

I do love taking photo's on my small hand held camera and my DSLR but realistically, I don't take them out with me everyday. My phone is the camera I have on hand everyday and I know that's what most people use too!

After being inspired by Aura Frames, I decided to share my own top tips for capturing quality pictures.

Aura Frames produces a smart frame that automatically displays the best photos from your phone. Their product allows you to effortlessly share photos directly onto a family member's frame. You can even pre-select photos to appear on the frame right after they receive it!

So you obviously want those pictures to be good quality! Here are my top tips to take the perfect photo.

  1. Use the grid! The grid is one of the easiest ways to be able to centre your photo.
  2. Use natural lighting as much as possible! When I take selfies, I try to stand facing the window so the sunlight is directed onto my face. 
  3. Angles are everything! To make your face seem thinner, hold the camera up and face it downwards. 
  4. Don't use the zoom! The zoom (at least on my camera) is terrible and blurs the picture. Instead move closer or further away, and if needed crop the picture after taking it. 
  5. Burst mode is a life saver! If you have unsteady hands or even a difficult to photograph person (ie. kids) or area, press and hold down the button. It combines 5 pictures to create the perfect one. 
  6. Focus the camera by tapping on the subject of interest. I sometimes like to blur the background and so by tapping on the image in the foreground this works perfectly.
  7. Brighten the lighting. Once focussed on a subject, you can then swipe up or down to increase or decrease the lighting of that area. I use this feature especially for concerts! 
  8. Take LOTS! It's a nightmare when you take a photo and then come to post it later only to realise it's blurry or someone's not looking at the camera. My biggest tip is to take lots of photographs really quickly. You can go back and pick your favourite later but your ten times more likely to have a good one...that everyone is happy with. 

Aura Frames also sent over some of their tips. It was interesting to see that some of the tips overlapped with my own!

What are your top photography tips? Let me know in the comments below. I always love to learn from you.