To My Darling Niece,

Dear Bop,

I have just heard the news,
You have now got the right,
To call yourself a brand new name!
Not long ago, last night.

A brand new big sister,
You will be so great.
To teach, to play, to help the little one,
To love and never hate.

I've seen you do so many things,
But always deep down inside,
You have such a lovely soul,
And now you'll have a friend beside.

Your first smile at me was perfect,
My hand grasped, with a little wink.
You held my finger oh so tight,
But it was over in a blink.

Your first laugh was my favourite,
Everytime I jumped with joy.
You leaned your head back with glee,
I am so thankful for that toy.

But my favourite memory of all,
Was when you knew my name.
Auntie Hannah you screamed with joy,
Almost like a game.

Seeing you with Tess the pup,
Has made me so excited to see,
Your gentleness and cuddliness,
You are totally ready to be...

Your brand new job.
Be loving, be kind, be sweet, my love,
Cheer him up when he sobs.

Bop, my first true love,
You'll have my heart always.
But now it's time to share my world,
With your new best friend for all days.

Love always, your, Auntie Hannah.

I am overjoyed to announce the birth of a brand new little love.

My sister gave birth to her second little baby last night by cesarean.

I can't wait to meet him and have all the cuddles, snuggles and kisses. Hopefully soon!