TGI Friday's Competition Winner! / London Vlog

A few weeks ago I found out I won the TGI Fridays' competition I entered! I got to invite 3 friends/family to come to London and stay at The Strand Palace Hotel.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below!

After picking my mother, sister and cousin up from Kings Cross we jumped in a taxi and headed over to our hotel which was stunning! I didn't realise it was literally opposite The Savoy Hotel where I went last week so when we arrived, I knew exactly where we were!

The lobby was stunning and the rooms were like any other hotel but boiling hot! Almost unbearingly. We set off out for lunch at a little cafe down the road which was yummy and then headed back to the hotel for everyone else to have showers and get dressed up. I was perfectly fine wearing what I was so I just watched some YouTube videos and did some work online.

Then we walked down to Leicester Square. I knew we would be super early but we didn't really have time to do much else so I'd hoped there was some entertainment on. There wasn't. Instead we headed into Lego Land/World/Shop. For once it didn't have a queue! I was very impressed with all the big structures, like the one in Harrods. Then mum wanted to see the famous China Town.

Let's be honest, both were pretty boring so we didn't waste too much time and instead headed to TGIs for some early cocktails. An hour or so later, we were invited inside to our VIP table and our personal waiter. It all felt very surreal but the staff were unbelievably attentive. It was such a lovely and relaxed evening.

We had a delicious starter and a yummy main course and then made our way over to Tape Face.
The main reason for the competition. Review here. But it was defintely enjoyable, especially the complimentary drinks!

Afterwards, we headed back to TGIs for another round or drinks plus dessert! We were all so stuffed from the main course we just couldn't fit in a mouthwatering brownie as well, so we decided to wait. Everything went smoothly until the bill. Seriously, there were so many issues it was ridiculous! But alas, it was time to walk back to the hotel and sleep...

Or head to a club. On walking out, we were dragged round to a club for 'free shots' of course, it was £3 for entry. I refused and left the three of them there. Crazy!

The worst nights sleep ever meant I got barely 3 hours of sleep, despite my desperate try. It was just too hot. We finally decided to go to breakfast and it was incredible. Such a wonderful set up and so yummy! I loved it and had my usual bacon sandwich, yogurt and fruit!

Being only a few minutes from Covent Garden we headed over and went shopping. We went to all the shops, spending most of the time in Paperchase. My fave! I usually love the performances but honestly they were pretty terrible, and while I stayed and watched, praying they improved, the others headed off to the cafe.

There was a guy on a ladder who wasn't even worth a picture and a couple of circus acts who juggled with knives. To be quite honest, the build up of 25 minutes was totally not worth the 1 minute act.

But then it was time for the deliciousness that is The Ivy! I usually go to Market Garden in South Kensington/Chelsea but this time I booked Market Grill in Covent Garden and I genuinely think it was better! I had my usual of sourdough bread, fish and chips and even managed a mango sorbet. Wow!

Despite the little accident - the cup managed to break entirely in half and spill everywhere - the staff were incredible and quickly moved us while it got cleaned up.

Once finished, we meandered back to the hotel and then took the sloooooowwwwwweeeesssssttttt walk ever back to my flat. Of course, mum went into every shop that asked her to so it took quite a while and Jessica complained the entire way. Shock horror.

Despite everything, it was a really nice little trip and nice to chill and chat to end the little trip. Just before leaving they all tried on LipSense which was fun. They all wore Apple Cider which just shows how it can be so different!

What's your favourite thing to do in London?