Tape Face (Review)

Last week, I headed to see Tape Face after winning a competition with TGI Fridays, so I thought I would do a little review. Click here to see the trailer.

I felt a little bad for winning in all honesty because I'd mainly entered for the free food and hotel stay. I had never heard of Tape Face beforehand and had never seen any of his things. It was quite the show. 

Initially, I was very confused. The music was dreadfully annoying and I just don't get the whole no talking thing but in reality, I'm impressed. He has an incredible stage presence. He tells a story like no other and I really liked the running theme throughout. It was meant to be backstage on the show so there was a countdown of the show time and as it finished in real life, it was only just beginning on the stage.

I loved seeing all the audience participation although I myself, was bricking it! I was scared of being selected but luckily I was just far enough into the centre of the audience seating that it was too difficult to get out. That and my forced lack of eye contact. 
I loved seeing everyone become so involved and have to try and interpret the wordless instructions. He managed to select some very entertaining people which was very lucky. My personal best was the poor tourist pregnant lady who just didn't have a clue what was happening and spent 10 minutes totally confused. 

While there was a diverse range of different acts throughout, it was a clever mixture of movie links, talents and humour. 
Without a doubt, my favourite part was the ending. One volunteer was blindfolded on stage while balloons were handed to the rest of the audience and "99 Red Balloons" was playing. As the blindfold was removed, the entire audience started throwing balloons at the stage which ended up bring totally covered. It was quite an impressive display. 
Despite it all, I think we all had an incredible time and each of us laughed throughout. We all came out smiling and what more can you ask for!