Life Changing Nottingham Trip!

Last week I headed to Nottingham for a pretty massive life changing trip!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

I am currently in the process of writing up a life update blog post but in the meantime, I am no longer studying Medicine at University College London after failing my examinations.

So on Thursday, I rang up Nottingham asking about place availability for Midwifery starting in the current year. I was on the phone for a few minutes and after quickly sharing my A Level results I was told I would be contacted later on in the week if I had been put forward. Well 20 minutes later, I just got out of the shower and they rang back for an over-the-phone interview. Completely unprepared, I spoke from the heart and sure enough they offered me an interview on the following Tuesday. Everything happened so quickly and before I knew it, I'd recieved confirmation via email.

Telling my mother, she was thrilled and we decided she would drive me down and we would stay in a hotel. The hotel was new and right on the campus. I usually stay at cheaper hotels like Premier Inn and Travelodge so it was a nice luxury change. It was really gorgeous, modern and everything went perfectly. The staff were so nice so it ended up being a really relaxed little trip.

I am going to right up a post all about the interview itself so stay tuned for that but it all went very smoothly. I went in for 8.30 am, finished at 11.30am and after a quick drink at the hotel, we set off. Unlike London, Nottingham is only a one hour journey away so we ended up calling in at Cafe 43 on the way home. It was super yummy but they had no chocolate cupcakes and in all reality, the vanilla cupcake was not nice AT ALL.

Getting home, I quickly unpacked before changing into some comfier clothes. We didn't actually stay for very long before heading out to the tip to drop off some rubbish. In the evening, I spent time watching and reminiscing on an old school play - The Pinafore Pirates! It was so funny watching it back.

The university said they would contact us soon but I did not expect a phone call that evening! At 8pm I received a call saying that I'd unofficially got the offer. I was in complete shock and by the following night, I'd received the confirmation which I happily accepted.
Wednesday was actually a bit of a waste of a day because we went wedding dress shopping but we didn't even go into one shop because they'd either shut down or were closed. It was all slightly odd to be honest. We also went looking at some new estate show homes but they were also all closed! Instead we headed to a little boutique and then had sausages and chips for tea!