Food, LipSense and Bath Bombs!

It's been a fun week of meeting up with friends and family but I've managed to find some time to relax and watch a heck of a lot of Pretty Little Liars.
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If you've been following me on Twitter, at all over the last month, you  may have noticed I've been obsessed with watching Pretty Little Liars and I've managed to watch the entire series - yes! all 7 seasons! - in just under a month. And I have absolutely loved it. This passed week I finally finished it and I will be writing a review on it because despite it being way late for the majority of people, I have all the emotions and need to write them down! 

LipSense is one of my new passions and I have absolutely loved trying on some new colours in preparation for my in home parties next week! I tried on Fly Girl (which I have tried on but not actually worn before), Caramel Apple, Pink Champagne, Sassy Z and Beige Champagne! Lots and lots! 
Everyone needs a bit of R+R and I don't have baths often but this was my first bath since my birthday so I decided to use my bath bomb! Although I kept calling it bubble bath, this bath bomb was amazing. I hadn't heard of the brand before and I have lots more products from them but it was filled will oils so very moisturising! The blue defintely took over though. 
Meeting friends at Nando's taught me that a) I don't like Nando's but b) Friendships don't change. After a quick catch up at Nando's we all ended up going to The Hop in town and it was really nice! We had a lovely chit chat, enjoyed music and even had cocktails!

I always think its funny how many friendship groups people can have and I am no exception. Thankfully, I have some of the nicest friends and despite not seeing Waqaar for years, it was so nice to catch up! We learnt about all his secrets, a complete life update and even gossip! It was such a fun night out at Pizza Express.

Another day with the girls but this time not an evening! This is actually more my sort of meet up purely because there's more time to talk and there isn't a time limit We had a lovely lunch at Cafe 43; like last time I got my cheese and ham panini followed by a yummy chocolate flake cupcake: heaven!
Afterwards, we went to Pugneys. Nicola was hilarious because she was obsessed with picking blackberries on the way down. Luckily, both her and Hannah had doggy bags with them so she filled them up.  Despite the weather forecast, it was a lovely day and after walking around we each got a lollipop from the ice cream van. I haven't had a solero in a long time but recently I've had a few! I love them and they bring back so many childhood memories.

Then it was time to say farewell and bye because we won't be seeing each other altogether for a while. Sad times!

The final night out was at Felice's, Bella Roma. We went here for my birthday but I don't particularly like it. It's a good venue for large tables but the food isn't all that great and personally I find the service poor. Nevertheless, it was a reunion with a bunch of us that went to nursery together and it was lovely despite missing a couple of people. 
Until next week...