"Daytripping" June Birchbox: Unboxing and Review

This post is so late! I have had it written for over 2 months. I just had so many others posts I was more excited to post instead. So take yourself back to June and read like it's the start of summer!

It's my birthday month/week and I am so happy that I got the June Birchbox! This month is a little different but fun. Instead of a Birchbox, it's a BirchBAG and it's a cute wash bag which we got to select between a pale blue and a yellow. I was feeling summery and chose yellow!

As usual, it came with the product card but also a 15% off voucher for Trouva! Feel free to use and let me know what the boutique is like!

Onto the products! Honestly, I was quite unimpressed this month but I did like the bag so perhaps I can get over it.

My first product was a dry shampoo and while I do love the brand, unfortunately, for one, I don't use dry shampoo and two, I've received this product 3 times now!
 Again, not a fan of the type of product btu I do think it is a nice hand cream.
 It's a very pink eye liner but it goes on smoothly and evenly.
 Perfect colour match surprisingly! But anyone who knows me knows I don't do my brows. Kill me...
 I was so excited when I saw this! Then I realised it was coffee! And I hate the smell of coffee. I opened it - annoyingly it needed scissors so I had to step out of the shower dripping wet! - and the smell only got stronger. I had to literally hold my breath! But, in all honesty, the product is amazing. It works like magic and leave skin smooth and soft afterwards.

Click to see the May Birchbox review. If you would like to get your own Birchbox click here to be taken straight through to the discounted offer. I'm sure you will love it as much as me!