The Sky Gardens at Night!

For dad's Christmas and birthday present this year, I bought him a ticket to see the IAAF World Athletic's Championships. Since he has now (part) retired, we decided to make a long weekend out of it. This is day 1 of 4!
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Dad finished his morning shift and came to pick both Jessica and I up. We went out to a local pub, The Rhubarb Triangle, to eat lunch. Their puddings are to die for, it's close by and it's cheap and cheerful. It's the perfect, quick and easy lunch date.

Jess hasn't seen dad for a while so we chatted for quite a while before heading back to the farm and dropping her off. From there, we headed the train station, managed to park in the overnight car park and then went to get some drinks for the journey.

By the time we were at the platform, it was almost time to set off so it worked out perfectly as the train pulled in. For once, the air conditioning actually worked and the on board WiFi was surprisingly fast. Given the fact that I caught up with all my YouTube subscriptions, the journey went super quick, plus we were sat next to an Australian couple and their accents...dreams!

After walking up to the flat, we walked in to the shock of a lifetime. The landlord had organised the builders to start the work! I was in absolute shock. I fundamentally told him that I would be in the flat this weekend and to not start any work until the 8th of August. I made this very VERY clear and multiple occasions and specifically text him it in detail. I was furious.

By the time we'd unpacked the phone had gone off 4 times, a mobile another couple and finally we answered. Turns out the builder had left the key with another builder who had left. I'm still completely confused at what they thought they were doing because it was an absolute disaster. The first builder apologised profusely - although I don't blame him, it's not his fault - andcleared up some of his stuff. He'd literally spread his stuff everywhere, everything was filthy, no toilet roll, it was a mess. By the time he'd done that, it as a good hour later and he finally left. Another 20 minutes later and a second one turned up - this time with a key - and was about as confused as we were. It was so strange but clearly they hadn't communicated between each other at all. Crazy.

Anyway, we finally got around to leaving, albeit almost an hour later than planned. I'd hoped to get to the Sky Gardens just as it opened so that we didn't have to queue but we ended up having to queue...for close to 2 hours. Dad was not happy.

I'm sure I've mentioned before but the Sky Gardens is my second favourite place on Earth and I absolutely adore it up there.
I thought with the views and the plants, dad would love it but while he liked the views he thought it was too busy.

They happened to have live music on that night, which personally I love, so it was a little louder than usual admittedly. Despite my best attempts, I couldn't convince him to stay any longer once the first band finished their set.

We did however get to see the sunset and watch the lights come on!

Once we got home, it only got worse. There was no electricity, no lighting and no hot water! What! Ooo I was furious...

To see the full album of pictures click here. Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow!