Dreamgirls the Musical (Review)

So a few weeks ago now, I went to see Dreamgirls after buying last minute tickets

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Straight up, I bought tickets to see Amber Riley live. I have been a massive fan of hers for years, ever since the very first episode of Glee. I think she has an incredible voice and is just stunning. I'd heard she'd cancelled shows last minute so I waited to buy my ticket until last minute myself to be guaranteed to see her. Well, I showed up at the venue and I saw the smallest sign saying she wouldn't be performing. I was devastated. 
While the understudy was still amazing, she just didn't have the wow factor I had expected from Amber and I was truly disappointed. My image of the show was ruined and I was really devastated that I'd just wasted my money and still not seen her. I think that's one of the reasons I didn't love the show as much but looking back, I have to except that the show was amazing!
Having not seen the film (until after the show, as I now have), I didn't have a clue what to expect but I understood the story completely. I fell in love with the characters and their storylines. Through all the heartbreak and adventures it was thoroughly enjoyable.
As a quick side note, after seeing the film, at first I thought it was identical but towards the end of the film it is clear there are some massive differences in the story so a warning for those with expectations. In fact, I was incredibly shocked by the death in the film!
The whole show ran so smoothly; everyone was flawless. But the songs. The songs are just amazing! They are stunning and a wow to witness.
Another warning, for anyone easily affected by abuse, it does contain a little snippet of sensitive nature content so be prepared. 

Overall, in reality (despite my disappointment) it was defintely worth my money for the ticket and it was a wonderful night out! Thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering seeing it...just don't expect Amber. 

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What's your favourite musical?