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Family Reunion, Sister's Christmas and Snow Storm!

These clips were literally a collection over 4 weeks. From work to family and all the chaos that comes with the joy.  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  The vlog starts with the ending of my Nightingale Fellowship. I share my thoughts on this a few weeks ago, but I was just feeling a little deflated after some cancelled dates and the miserable weather.  To cheer myself up, I decorated for Christmas before heading out for lunch with a friend from university, which was lovely.  I did end up having a couple of dates but as well as they went, the relationship unfortunately isn't going to continue any further due to different personal reasons. It's also where the car troubles began because I severely scraped my car on the driveway gate in a rush to move it. A couple days later, I also got a flat tyre to make matters worse!  I then headed to my mum's house the first weekend in December to celebrate both the family reunion and my grandma's birthday celebration. It was

Mixed Christmas Gift Guide 2022

I always tell myself one year I will do some specific gift guides for different groups, but I also think it's so nice to get gifts that are unique to an individual and so I find it really hard to warrant the effort and research. Here's the gifts I bought people this year and I am so happy with them. I finished the majority of my Christmas shopping by Black Friday this year, which I think is a record for me. I also bought some lovely recycled Christmas cards and wrapping paper , so I thought I would share the link to those too.  Starting with my mum, she requested some bubble bath and socks . I really wanted to get some luxury bubble bath but I couldn't find any big bottles, so instead I bought her a bath gift set and then some bamboo socks to go with them, as well as some cute card game stocking stuffers  and an added dog decor to match last years. I know she likes these, because she always steals mine and I thought I'd get her the thicker ones, because she destroys

Christmas Decor 2022

This year, I really wanted to decorate for Christmas early and despite everyone telling me no, I did it anyway and then everyone else seemed to decorate early too so I love it! It's my first year in this house, and really my first proper seasonal celebration too, which is exciting. I didn't want to spend too much extra on decorations, because let's face it, this year is already quite an expensive year, but I couldn't help myself from purchase a few little extra bits.  I knew exactly where I wanted to put the Christmas tree as soon as I bought the house. I have had my exercise bike in this little corner but I've moved it into the garage for the next month or so. I do plan on it being there permanently, but as the moment, the garage is far from the accessible workout area I had planned. I bought this tree from ASDA a couple of years ago and I love it because it's prelit and had snow tipped stems, as well as acorns on, which makes it look fuller without me having t