Family Reunion, Sister's Christmas and Snow Storm!

These clips were literally a collection over 4 weeks. From work to family and all the chaos that comes with the joy. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The vlog starts with the ending of my Nightingale Fellowship. I share my thoughts on this a few weeks ago, but I was just feeling a little deflated after some cancelled dates and the miserable weather. 

To cheer myself up, I decorated for Christmas before heading out for lunch with a friend from university, which was lovely. 

I did end up having a couple of dates but as well as they went, the relationship unfortunately isn't going to continue any further due to different personal reasons. It's also where the car troubles began because I severely scraped my car on the driveway gate in a rush to move it. A couple days later, I also got a flat tyre to make matters worse! 

I then headed to my mum's house the first weekend in December to celebrate both the family reunion and my grandma's birthday celebration. It was lovely to see everyone, to catch up and my grandma got to meet her great grandson for the first time which was very special. 

The next weekend, I headed to my sisters for the weekend. I spent the Saturday with my oldest and her family. We had a lovely Italian style lunch, followed by lots of childhood party games and a fun photoshoot. It was so much fun, but as we left to head to the hotel, I just got really upset by somethings my dad said and it just put a dampener on the whole evening unfortunately. 

Dad picked us up from the hotel the next day and then we headed to my second oldest sister's house. I've not seen her since January so I was honestly a little apprehensive, but it was so lovely to see her and her daughter especially. She is literally the most confident 2 year old I've ever met. She specifically asked to sit next to Auntie Hannah and Auntie Jess at lunch time and apparently every time we left the room or went in separate cars, she would ask "Where's my friends gone?". I die! 

Sadly, once again, the night ended up not so great with my dad accidently leaving my headlights on all day and causing a flat battery. I called the RAC to come rescue me as even though we had jump start cables, the cars available were all stop start engines and couldn't restart mine. To make matters worse, it was freezing and then started to snow super heavily. They didn't get there until gone 11pm, and it literally took seconds to restart. It was a debate as to whether to go home or to wait until the morning, but in the end I decided to drive back super slowly and steadily to avoid being stranded the next day. It was a slow and painful 4 hour drive, but the next morning, there was 4 inches of snow which would have probably been even worse.