Mixed Christmas Gift Guide 2022

I always tell myself one year I will do some specific gift guides for different groups, but I also think it's so nice to get gifts that are unique to an individual and so I find it really hard to warrant the effort and research. Here's the gifts I bought people this year and I am so happy with them. I finished the majority of my Christmas shopping by Black Friday this year, which I think is a record for me. I also bought some lovely recycled Christmas cards and wrapping paper, so I thought I would share the link to those too. 

Starting with my mum, she requested some bubble bath and socks. I really wanted to get some luxury bubble bath but I couldn't find any big bottles, so instead I bought her a bath gift set and then some bamboo socks to go with them, as well as some cute card game stocking stuffers and an added dog decor to match last years. I know she likes these, because she always steals mine and I thought I'd get her the thicker ones, because she destroys them so easily. For her husband, I bought him a bottle of port. I tried to go for one in nice packaging, but who knows if it tastes nice or not. 

For my dad and his girlfriend, I have separated the gifts, but the majority are to share. They both have a birthday in the month after Christmas so I put them all together. Dad got some garden lighting and a boot brush, whilst Karen go a bird feeder for their quiet garden. For Karen's birthday, I got some robin earrings and a robin scarf

Grandma got a bird feeder wreath prefilled, because I already got her treats for her birthday, despite her having diabetes. I had to get Floki and Freya a gift so I bought them a bunch of toys to share, and some puppy treats. 
Onto the sisters, and although not something I would normally buy someone, she specifically asked for an underwear set so that's exactly what she got. This one is a set from Lounge, which is apparently one of her favourites. For my two older sisters, I found this gorgeous twist bracelets which I thought suited both of their styles, in different shades, and whilst I was initially going to get their initials, I ended up going for their children which I thought was a nice keepsake. 
For the brother in law's, I bought a multi-purpose tool and some body wash items
My oldest niece requested a hot water bottle and nail varnish. I struggled to decide which water bottle to go for and ultimately decided to get one which matched her current room theme of wildcats. My nephew wanted a Star Wars light saber (which I was so shocked at the size of it, I completely forgot to take a picture), plus I got some stickers to put on his light switch in his room too. My youngest niece, got a couple of room additions to the dolls house by Little Dutch, which I bought her for her birthday. I can't wait to see her actually playing with it, and some threadable beads.

Onto the cousins. My youngest has a love for giraffes, but she also wanted a strict budget of £20, so I got her some fluffy socks and some cute coasters which I thought would be perfect in her lounge or bedroom. 
For my other cousin, I was genuinely at a loss. I didn't have a clue what to get her, especially as I had just got her some presents since having a baby. In the end I decided to get her the same bracelet as my sisters. For my new nephew, her son, I got the traditional gift for my nieces and nephews first Christmas with the gorgeous Paxton the Panda from Cuddle + Kind. You can get 20% off here and they really are such a worthwhile company. 
I also had a couple of work Secret Santa's to purchase for this year, so I decided to buy something I would appreciate myself after a long shift at work and this pamper kit seemed like a great choice for an older colleague and a gin selection perfect for a younger one. Then for the guy I was seeing, I bought a blanket from Dunelm and a It Works Sleep Duo
Ultimately, this year I spent £613.56 for 25 people's gifts, including 3 people's birthday. On average, I aimed to spent £20 per person. I always spent more on my parents, nieces and nephews and this year, I spent slightly less on secret Santa.