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Goodbye Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort! (Bulgaria 2018)

I was so sad to be leaving my amazing hotel and getting on a plane back to the UK. I decided to leave packing to the last minute and enjoy the last of my time in Bulgaria by taking some pictures! Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I woke up super early and packed before heading down and loved walking around the grounds. In the morning, I headed for a quick walk around the hotel after breakfast. I'm really going to miss the muffins and cheese and ham toastie's for breakfast! I was going to share a lot of the pictures here and my thoughts of the hotel but I've decided to write a separate post on a review of the hotel itself and how amazing it was! In short, the hotel was absolutely gorgeous and I'm really going to miss it. The flight back was super straight forward once I finally got onto the plane but getting there was a total disaster. Honestly, I was so grateful I decided to go for my flowing trousers and a casual t-shirt because I was a swea

Exploring Nessebar and Swimming with Jellyfish! (Bulgaria 2018)

Everyone seems to be raving about Nessebar so I walked there and back, before swimming with jellyfish!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I seemed to have made my last 3 days super busy which was probably not the best idea but nevertheless, the weather on my last day wasn't the best. I woke up and it was a little cooler than it has been and after looking at the forecast, it was suppose to be really windy for most of the day and thunderstorming in the afternoon, so I decided to go ahead and visit Nessebar. The Thomas Cook Representative told us to take the train and when I went to reception, they told me to get the bus which was far cheaper. So I headed to the bus station and after asking multiple people and walking around searching, I decided to head back to the beach which is both my happy place and the place I know. After looking as a map, it was about the same distance that I walked the previous day so I thought it would be a nice walk. There was a sur

Sunny Beach and I Won Archery! (Bulgaria 2018)

I went on a beautiful beach walk along the whole of Sunny Beach and then I won the archery competition!  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I did manage to wake up a little earlier than I have been doing and with the weather a little cooler than so far this holiday, I decided to go for my long walk across Sunny Beach. It was also painfully obvious that my nose is totally and utterly sun burnt!  I loved it. When I set off the beach was so quiet, it was like I had to whole place to myself. I walked right to the end until I couldn't get any further because of the sea defences blocking the access.  There were so many different activities like parachuting and jet skiing. Every so often along the beach there are different stalls renting out water sport equipment and all of them have jet skis. If I hadn't had done it in November last year I probably would have been too tempted and ended up doing it!  The sand is really beautiful where my hotel is but