Goodbye Iberostar Sunny Beach Resort! (Bulgaria 2018)

I was so sad to be leaving my amazing hotel and getting on a plane back to the UK. I decided to leave packing to the last minute and enjoy the last of my time in Bulgaria by taking some pictures!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
I woke up super early and packed before heading down and loved walking around the grounds. In the morning, I headed for a quick walk around the hotel after breakfast. I'm really going to miss the muffins and cheese and ham toastie's for breakfast!
I was going to share a lot of the pictures here and my thoughts of the hotel but I've decided to write a separate post on a review of the hotel itself and how amazing it was! In short, the hotel was absolutely gorgeous and I'm really going to miss it.

The flight back was super straight forward once I finally got onto the plane but getting there was a total disaster. Honestly, I was so grateful I decided to go for my flowing trousers and a casual t-shirt because I was a sweaty mess when I arrived!
I left the room with all my bags and checked out at just after the limit, then went to watch the pistol shooting in the shade. The bus to pick up was meant to come at 5 to so I wanted to nip to the toilet but it was so late. It didn't arrive until quater to the next hour, so by that point I'd already been to the toilet three times! There was only one more pick up before the airport but when we got to the airport, there was the absolute longest queue and only 2 desks doing our flight check in which was the slowest. 

When I finally got through that, I headed to security and what I didn't realise was that's what the second longest queue was for. It took absolutely forever so when we were finally through that, I had 10 minutes before boarding. I was starving so I quickly ran around the airport and everything was so expensive and had the biggest queues. In the end, I had to go for the shortest which was McDonald's and I ate so fast. It's also the most expensive I've ever had at the equivalent of £18. £2 for a ketchup sachet! 

But like I said, once I was on the flight it was perfect! Mum was a little late to pick me up but I went to grab a Gregg's snack while I waited and then we drove home where I basically went straight to sleep and zonked.