Film Scenes, Pool Activities and Asian Night! (Bulgaria 2018)

I watched as many of the different activities as possible, enjoyed film night and the Asian night got moved inside after a thunderstorm!

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I finally remembered to actually take some pictures of my face but to be honest, my day's have been quite boring with just relaxing and lounging around the pool. Instead of going to the buffet restaurant for lunch, I found the pizza snack bar where they make the best homemade pizza's to eat by the slice. They're honestly heaven and watching them kneed the dough is fascinating.

I tried to make the most out of the entertainment programme and watched as many of the different activities as possible. I started with pistol shooting but was absolutely terrible scoring 0 after 3 attempts...whoops! I am defintely better with a bow and arrow than a gun. I also watched darts, stretching, water polo and more!
The film night ended up being really good. When it was first announced, I literally thought they were just going to show a film but it turns out they did a dance from a selection of really popular films. I was pleased that I even recognised a few. They did Chicago, The Man in the Mask (played and acted brilliantly) and even Men In Black (reminding me so much of high school and Mr Milburn).
The show the next night was the Asian Night and after watching them rehearse at lunch time, I was really excited to see it. Unfortunately, just half an hour before, a thunderstorm came and it absolutely poured it down. They quickly decided to move it inside and amazingly, it still ran on time. With a smaller stage and a slightly different layout of the room, they did have to change things slightly which I thing was a shame but it was still a good night. They did it through emotions which I honestly don't think I totally got but it was entertaining regardless.