Jellyfish, Hilarious Comedy Sketch and Latino Night! (Bulgaria 2018)

My beach walk was scattered with dead jellyfish, I laughed so hard at the kung fu scene and I adored Latino night on stage.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

I've been loving being able to relax for even just a few moments. The weather's been beautiful but broken up by cloud which I've actually been really enjoying. I've been reading a book a day and enjoying aqua aerobics each day before moving to the more adult orientated pools which allow you to swims lengths.
The evening show was a variety showed made up mainly of different dances and while the humour acts weren't necessarily what I enjoyed the most, I did find one act in particular absolutely hilarious. I was literally dying watching the audience participation. The second rehearsal was by far the best but I only managed to record the last version which was kung fu themed.
I did manage to get to the beach for the morning stroll after breakfast. I've been waking up a little earlier than usual and instead of going to the gym as planned, I thought the beach was just as rewarding. I strolled across the sea front but had to play pretty close attention to wear I walked. There are so many jellyfish it's kind of crazy. Of course, I assume the ones by the sand are dead so I can't imagine how many are in the water.
I love my cleaner. Despite neither of us really speaking each other's languages, she is seriously  the sweetest. She left me some beautiful roses in my room.
The evening show for day 4 was a Latino Night! I rally enjoyed the singer because the live music was a bit of change but the audience clearly did not and many of them, somewhat rudely left just after she started her second song. I am also a massive fan of both latin and ballroom dancing so I was completely and utterly fascinated by both of the partnerships who were dancing as well.