Beautiful Wedding Week Preparations!

The last week before the wedding is finally here and with the countdown on, there's lots of preparation before the big day. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 
The week started off with final hair trials. Given that I had been in Nottingham, I hadn't been around when everyone else was so Monday was the day. I still wasn't massively happy with it but I got over it pretty quickly. 

We then raced to one of my grandma's friends house who made all the beautiful centrepieces and decorations for the wedding. They really did turn out amazing considering the budget and the initial idea mum explained to me.
Mum had already been to the beauticians a number of times but I was also booked in for a full manicure and pedicure. I ended up getting shellac so I knew it would last for the next few weeks and hopefully long enough, for at least the start of my holiday abroad. I went for my usual with silver and glitter!
Mum wanted to pick up, what I thought were the flowers, but turns out it was just the pieces for the hair accessories. Nevertheless, it was nice to see the bouquet's dissembled.
They had the cutest cows next door and they were still fairly young. Cows are the one animal we've never had loads of.. We used to have a few highland cattle but we've never had more than 4 in my lifetime.
Afterwards, we went further into the little village to have tea. Honestly, I was so disappointed. The service was slow, the pub was horrendous and the food was disgusting.
So the day before the wedding, we woke up and Holly's tail had exploded again. For the past few week's the cyst in her tail has been needing to get drained more and more regularly. Unfortunately, it looks like she will be getting the tailectomy in the end which is what I've been pushing for, for a while so fingers crossed we caught it early enough.
Once we got back to the house and loaded up the last of the decorations, we headed off to the wedding venue. One of mum's friends came to help out so luckily, the cars were almost ready to go and it didn't particularly take long to move everything in before setting off again.
Next stop was the bridesmaid dress shop to collect the dresses. We arrived a little earlier than planned, despite the morning's events, so called at one of the cafe's for breakfast before heading in. Once we carried them to the car it was back to the hotel to drop them off and then back home to pack ready for not only that night but also the wedding.
By 5pm we were back at the hotel and this time for good. We checked into the hotel, had some final checks with the hotel's event manager and then went for some rest in the hotel room. I unpacked and relaxed, finishing off some work before getting ready for the night. My room was gorgeous and despite staying alone, I had plenty of room for 3 people.
By the time my cousins arrived, I was starving. I let my hair down and freshened up my makeup a little bit and then quickly changed into my favourite dress at the moment. I feel like I've been wearing it constantly but in reality it's because I can't be bothered to wash it!
Despite the unfortunate weather raining, the meal was so much fun and the food was super yummy. I ended up leaving a little early because I was so tired and I still had to wash my hair and get ready for tomorrow. But in other news, mum decided to have the wedding ceremony outside so finger's crossed the weather holds out!