Last Week: Birthdays, Girls and Moving Out!

I took a little time off vlogging as I filmed quite a bit on some special days. This week I moved out of my flat but not before celebrating some things with my girls!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

With our exam date moved to 2 months later, the reading week scheduled almost seemed a little pointless. As much as I probably should have revised, I just felt I had better ways of spending my time. I was planning on going home for the full one and a half weeks but unfortunately, I ended up having a magnitude of caseholding appointments. I did manage to make it back for 5 days though and that was good enough.

I managed to get a one week pass to Oulton Hall where my mum goes and so I went swimming and the the gym everyday. I really had a lovely time and managed to get up-to-date with all my television.

By the time I got back to university, I’d started reading Five Years From Now by Paige Toon and what an absolutely amazing, incredible book. Click here to read my full review.
When the girls arrived back on Wednesday, we celebrated Sam’s birthday and enjoyed presents and cake before heading to uni for the last 2 days before we broke up for summer.
We have so much fun together. Crazy but fun.
To celebrate, we headed out on Friday night and enjoyed a final night at the casino where we all ended up winning! It was a great night before moving out my final belongings the next day.
The last time I was home, we were planning on going out for a meal but never got around to it so we ended up going out Friday evening instead. We went to an old favourite, Valentino’s, and despite previous bad experience, I absolutely loved it! My grandma thought it was a little loud but when does she not...

One thing we could agree on though, we were both more than happy to be reunited with the horses.