Bonding with my Niece and Nephew!

I love my niece and nephew to the moon and back. Here's to more precious memories with them, over and over again!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. Please note, this video is only available to those that know me personally.
Following on from the village fayre, we headed to a gorgeous lake. The bridge to get over was very old and unique. I loved walking over it and seeing the "princess tower" in the distance.

On the way back we went to the Welsh Sculpture Park. It is definitely not in the same league as the Yorkshire Sculpture Park but it's a nice wide open space with some wooden statues dotted about.

The next day we went to Powys Castle. We didn't end up spending too long there because unfortunately we took the dog but it turns out, dogs are only allowed in a really small part of the castle grounds so we all ended up splitting up.
I quickly looked around the house and then walked around the grounds but couldn't find anyone. The garden's are huge and while they are well kept and pretty, it's not really my sort of place. I was tired, hungry and bored by the time I got back to the top and after so many steps, I was ready for my cake!

On the way out, we walked past a lone deer and it was so sweet! 

Park Hall was the next day's chosen activity. It was a huge farm that had so many activities, including a big corn maze which was lots of fun. They were really educated about all the animals and made it really interactive for all the kids.

Llangollen was the final port of call for the last day. We headed there for early and went to a little multi-function place. It had a big soft play section for kids, a restaurant and a book shop that was far too overwhelming and cluttered to be functioning. Dad and I went to see when the next trains were and there was only one more for the day so we went to tell the other's before walking along the river to kill some time. 

The steam train was the main reason we went to Llangollen and dad loved the trip. My niece found it fascinating although she basically just continually ate snacks and my nephew cried before falling asleep. 

After an exhausting week it was time to go home. I got the train (or 3) back to Leeds, unpacked, washed and packed again all ready for my holiday!