Five Years From Now by Paige Toon (Review)

I’ve never been more heartbroken by a book. I’ve never cried more while reading a book.

This book was everything I never wanted but everything I always needed. Five Years From Now shares the story of two people who’s lives are forever intertwined when as children, their parents get together. Over the course of their lives, they meet every five years in the most jaw dropping ways.

Paige Toon writes with such an incredible knowledge of pace and grip. The scenes are always fast but with stunning details. The clarity for each of them over the years shows what grace she has with story telling and she swept me away.

When I say it was heartbreaking, it was more than that. It shattered my heart into a million pieces, multiple times, barely healing before being shattered again.
I’m waiting for the day that I’m emotionally ready to read this book again because it literally drained me. I sobbed. I really sobbed. I ugly sobbed with snot...and not just once.

I’ve never been more moved. One of the most brilliantly planned, written and executed novel I have ever read.