Sunny Beach and I Won Archery! (Bulgaria 2018)

I went on a beautiful beach walk along the whole of Sunny Beach and then I won the archery competition! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I did manage to wake up a little earlier than I have been doing and with the weather a little cooler than so far this holiday, I decided to go for my long walk across Sunny Beach. It was also painfully obvious that my nose is totally and utterly sun burnt! 
I loved it. When I set off the beach was so quiet, it was like I had to whole place to myself. I walked right to the end until I couldn't get any further because of the sea defences blocking the access. 
There were so many different activities like parachuting and jet skiing. Every so often along the beach there are different stalls renting out water sport equipment and all of them have jet skis. If I hadn't had done it in November last year I probably would have been too tempted and ended up doing it! 
The sand is really beautiful where my hotel is but it seems as you get further away, in both directions, it get's more pebbly and more seaweed filled. It's kind of crazy how different it is.
There are so many beautiful hotels all along the shore line and amazingly, also a casino! How amazing to go straight from the sea to the beach to the casino and back again. It's just sounds totally crazy to me.
Once again, there were even more dead jellyfish. I'm definitely going to have to do some research as to why there are so many and why so many are washed up dead on the shore.
I made it back to the hotel with perfect timing and managed to fit in aqua aerobics. I've done it almost every day since I've been here and it honestly is one of my favourite activities. Then, I had a couple of slices of fresh pizza from one of the snack bars before playing archery. I've played it 2 times before, as unfortunately I missed the first time because I was too nervous to be the only girl doing it! But after 490 and 520, I was hopeful and I didn't manage to beat my other score but I got 520 again and won overall! So crazy. 
As I won, I had to go on stage to get my certificate and medal. I was so nervous but somewhat luckily, it ended up raining just before it started so there weren't that many people there. Yey! I also went for a more casual outfit with flip flops because I knew I would be walking up the steepest steps ever and I did not want to embarrass myself in front of everyone by tripping. As much as I hated being centre of attention, I did feel very proud of myself.
I stayed for the first 2 minutes of the show but after quickly realising it was the same as last week, I ran quickly to the room, dropped all my stuff off and then went for a stroll around Sunny Beach. There are so many bars and restaurants competing with each other for noise and attention but it was interesting to walk through. I ended up finding an amusement park with the roller coasters and rides that I can see from my room. I then walked away from the beach but somehow ended up back at the beach near the casino which was totally unexpected. It's a really big market type place, with almost a rougher Camden Market feel to it.