Night Beach Walk and an Amazing Magician! (Bulgaria 2018)

I went for a beautiful night time walk along the beach before running back for the toilet, watched an amazing cancan show and then enjoyed an amazing magician make a woman fly!

Click here for the vlog or see below.

It was a little bit of a cooler afternoon so I decided to head up to the room and put some clothes on ready to do Zumba. It's done on the outside stage so unfortunately, it's get's rather hot and everyone watches which I don't particularly like so instead of doing it every day like I thought I would, I only did it twice.
 Despite the weather forecast, I did manage to go for a lovely casual 2 hour walk down the beach. It was pretty dark so I had to remember to dodge the jellyfish but there was a big party boat and a very busy dock full of people. I even saw the end of a proposal which was beautiful.
As I was walking, it started to thunder and lightning again and I managed to catch some really big ones on camera, despite it being blurry. It truly does look like it's from the heaven's when it's behind the cloud like that.
I ended up becoming quite desperate for the toilet so raced back and it was just in time for the show, which I wasn't planning on watching. It had the same names as one of the other shows but it ended up being different and so amazing. I loved watching them do the cancan! There were three women and a man and he was really excellent in all his solos.
I promised myself I would go to the gym at least 5 times this holiday and so far I've been a complete failure. I think I've actually given up on the idea if I'm honest. I went in the afternoon thinking it would be quite but it was packed so I didn't stay for very long before coming back to the room.
 Another magic show was the entertainment for tonight but it was amazing. I was so impressed especially after the boring disappointment from the last magician. This one was very entertaining, made everything funny and interactive and never repeated the same trick which I loved.