Bathroom Danger, Magic Show and Traditional Bulgarian Night! (Bulgaria 2018)

I made it safe and sound to Bulgaria and enjoyed my first two amazing days with a magic show and a traditional Bulgarian show.

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Just a few week's ago, I booked my holiday for summer 2018. After a lot of umming and ahhing, plan changes meant I was looking at travelling by myself. I ended up deciding to go to Bulgaria and I was so excited to head out.

I made the most out of my money by booking the perfect hotel for me, with lots of entertainment, pools galore and walking distance to the beach. I also managed to get 12 days for the price of 10 with an early morning flight out and a late night flight back, meaning I really did make the most of my time out there.

The journey out was really smoothly run and the hotel was only a 30 minute drive from the airport. I arrived at lunch time and after having a quick refresh, I headed down for lunch, before returning to the room to throw on a swimming costume and heading down to the pool. I defintely didn't need to worry about there not being any sunbeds available because there were so many still available, it was perfect.

The one thing that became clear is that like LykiaWorld in Turkey, they had a club dance song and everyone joined in singing and dancing along, which I loved. When I went back to the room to get ready, I jumped in the shower and the scariest thing happened when a load of wires fell out of the wall. Scary! The hotel was very quick to send someone up to fix it though which I was very grateful for.
The first night's show was a magic show and as impressive as it was, it was rather repetitive with the little magic tricks practically ignored. The magician very much focused on the illusion trick with the woman disappearing or being sawed in half.
The next day was very much just immersing myself in all the different activities around the pool. From archery, to pistol shooting, rock climbing, volley many! I loved it. I went up a little late to get ready for the show and the Bulgarian night was very interesting. It's quite slow paced dancing but I enjoyed it when they got members of the audience on stage to join them.