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Saddest Christmas Ever / Christmas 2023

This year's Christmas celebrations looked a little different and not in a good way. Not your usual Christmas vlog. Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  My Christmas week started with a work Christmas party. It was on the pricier side in terms of cost, but I am so pleased I talked myself into going. It was nice to get glam for the first time in a while, especially curling my hair. The entertainment was well worth it and we had a great table right in front of the stage and dancefloor. There was circus themed acts with light shows, aerial acts, hula hoops, fire and dancing.  Surprisingly, I was also quite impressed by the food. The starter wasn't quite my type of food as it was a quiche-like tart, but the mains as nice with a roast chicken (minimal gravy) and a single carrot. I wish there had been more! Desserts were varied. We got a plate brought to the table of brownies and churros. This was then followed by a build your own area of apple crumble, fresh cookies and cream

Bloom + Wild: December 2023 (Review)

The gift that kept giving is officially finished. My mum's Christmas present to me last year was a one year flower subscription of letterbox bouquets from Bloom + Wild.  This month, I got December's bouquet and I couldn't be happier. With its festive mix of dainty berries, ruby red roses, carnations, and deep green foliage, this one is bringing all the seasonal feels. Just what we all love this time of year. It includes: 15 stems including carnations, roses, eucalyptus, hypericum berries and sweet williams. Each box arrives at a chosen date, fitting right through the letterbox. The boxes are 100% recyclable, with easy arranging tips included, alongside 2 food sachets to give on day 0 and day 3. They arrive in bud and the flowers burst into life over 48 hours. The best time I've found is around 1 week. It is important to note that each delivery is unique as sometimes colours vary.  I have absolutely loved receiving these surprises each month. I love matching them to my s

Christmas Present Haul 2023!

The day after Boxing Day and it's the first time I've sat down and relaxed for a full day in a while. Of course, I've still kept myself busy and I'm back with a present haul.  I got a lot of chocolate this year. My mum decided to do a chocolate filled stocking. I got two chocolate bars, caramel truffles, robins, after eight mints, honeycomb pieces, matchmakers and a box of chocolates from some in laws. I also got a brownie baking kit which I can't wait to bake!  Clothing wise, I got some socks, pyjamas and then two things I asked for: a new towel dressing gown for the hot tub at my mum's and then a drying coat. I hate having to shower and get dressed when I go swimming, and then reshower at home. This is a large coat that has a quic-dry towelling material inside. I can wear it right over by swimming costume to drive home and then get showered and washed at home.  Leading onto home items, I have a beautiful new ochre blanket for my lounge. I got two candles, a li

Merry Christmas 2023!

 As always, Christmas is very much about family and spending time with loved ones. This year, more than ever, I can only say that enough. I'm keeping today's post short and sweet as I celebrate Christmas with my own family and even more loved one's tomorrow for Boxing Day. I hope you've all had a lovely day and continue the celebrations until bed. 

Disney 100, Winter Wonderland and London Christmas!

I had a two-day trip to London to celebrate Christmas and had a jam-packed time in London for the first time in a long while.  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I woke up bright and early to head to the train station. Before the recent family events, I thought I'd be very excited to spend two long days in London but I was a little emotional. I still tried to make the most of my time, especially as I had already paid for quite a lot of activities. I booked an Uber and made it to the train station with 5 minutes to spare. It was a little stressful to say the least! My first stop was Covent Garden where I had a quick walk past on my way to my hotel. I'll be sharing a full review in the New Year but I absolutely loved it! Once I dropped off my bag, filled in the security information and got changed, I headed on walk through to Trafalgar Square and the Christmas market.  I then headed towards Buckingham Palace on a quick walk. I ended up getting caught in the parades as it