Pretty Little Home: December Subscription Box (Review)

This month's Pretty Little Home box came incredibly early which was a bit of a shock to me, but a pleasant surprise as it meant I could enjoy the Christmas decorations for the whole month and not just after Christmas. Normally the boxes arrive around the 20th. 

The first item I opened was my least favourite but my sister loved it. It was a ceramic angel which normally costs £7,95 for a small, but this one is a large. I've placed this in my utility room. 
The next item was another of my sister's favourites with 2 deer candle holders. I think these are so cute and they go perfectly with the black and white decor in my family bathroom. The RRP for these are £15.95. 
This box was actually really difficult to find where the products came from and price. I really struggled to find links and prices so I am not sure if some of the items were remaining/lack of stock items, or even if they were exclusive to subscription boxes. Either way, the other items included: a small faux christmas tree with burlap base, small hanging heart ornaments and a ceramic ribbed mug. I think the ornaments were for the tree, but they're a little too big but they've worked perfectly on my actual tree. The mug is huge. But honestly, my favourite item is the mini tree! It is so cute and I've absolutely loved having it in my bedroom. 
What do you think? This will probably be my last post of the subscription boxes for a while. Next year, I really need to start saving some money and although I've loved the surprises, I'm running out of room to put decor!