My Christmas Wish List

If you haven't noticed, I'm keeping all the posts very Christmassy related at the moment!

This year, my Christmas wish list was very short. Whenever anyone asked me, I would say money because I have some big plans for next year which have already been arranged and booked(!), but I will share more in the new year. Of course, some people like to get gifts, to which I always say I love surprises, which I genuinely do. It is always so much fun to open something unexpected and see how people see you. I'm not saying I don't re-gift, because I definitely do, but I personally don't think there is harm in doing that. 
I did ask for a few things, and I do have a sneaky feeling I have received most of them. 
  • I really wanted to update my travel charms of the countries I've added over the last 2 years (and next year). 
  • I have mentioned a few times I'd like a car screen cover to protect from ice in the morning. 
  • I also have started to swim a lot more so I really wanted a towel coat, so that I can keep my swimming costume on wet and then shower at home instead. 
  • I always like to receive something to bake and make each year and whilst I have somewhat bought this myself this year, I'm still secretly hoping I get another proper baking kit too!
  • Finally, I wanted some permanent colour changing outdoor lights. I love the idea of being able to put lights on based on the season but hate taking them down and putting them up. I thought pink for Valentines, purple and orange for Halloween, green and red for Christmas etc. 
Let's see what I get. What have you asked for?