Saddest Christmas Ever / Christmas 2023

This year's Christmas celebrations looked a little different and not in a good way. Not your usual Christmas vlog.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

My Christmas week started with a work Christmas party. It was on the pricier side in terms of cost, but I am so pleased I talked myself into going. It was nice to get glam for the first time in a while, especially curling my hair. The entertainment was well worth it and we had a great table right in front of the stage and dancefloor. There was circus themed acts with light shows, aerial acts, hula hoops, fire and dancing. 

Surprisingly, I was also quite impressed by the food. The starter wasn't quite my type of food as it was a quiche-like tart, but the mains as nice with a roast chicken (minimal gravy) and a single carrot. I wish there had been more! Desserts were varied. We got a plate brought to the table of brownies and churros. This was then followed by a build your own area of apple crumble, fresh cookies and cream ice cream and a donut wall. The evening continued with dancing and dodgems. There were two different dancing areas, with one being a silent disco which was interesting. At midnight, bacon sandwiches were brought out which were delicious and then I left on a smooth drive back to Wakefield.

Christmas Eve came by quickly. I was meant to be hosting for the night with my mum and sister, but only my mum ended up coming. We had some fun with glasses before doing the activities in the boxes I'd made. We started with the baubles, whilst watching a Christmas film. Then we ate some chicken and egg fried rice, before decorating gingerbread cookies and playing some games.
Christmas day we got up bright and early and got ready in our Christmas jumpers for another smooth drive back to the farm. I've never driven anywhere on Christmas Day as we've always hosted so it was interesting to see how quiet the roads were. 
No one was home when we got back so we both unpacked before settling down to watch some television. Then it was time to open presents and of course, the dogs were at the centre of it. 
Then it was time to get party ready. It was a very chilled day, with a very late start as no one came until almost 3pm. We took some family pictures and then enjoyed the food, before playing lots of games into the evening. 

The next day was Boxing Day. I was really looking forward to a yummy homemade roast with extended family and enjoying baby snuggles. It wasn't quite what I expected as it ended up being a buffet instead, which was a little disappointing but it was still tasty. There ended up being 4 in laws present, so it was a little busier than usual, which is probably the reasoning why.

I'll share more about my car fiasco another day, but I ended up getting a lift back to Nottingham with my cousin as I currently have no car. It was a little earlier than I'd planned so I didn't get to see any friends which was a shame but nevertheless, it gave me a couple of days to relax and recoup.