Disney 100, Winter Wonderland and London Christmas!

I had a two-day trip to London to celebrate Christmas and had a jam-packed time in London for the first time in a long while. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I woke up bright and early to head to the train station. Before the recent family events, I thought I'd be very excited to spend two long days in London but I was a little emotional. I still tried to make the most of my time, especially as I had already paid for quite a lot of activities. I booked an Uber and made it to the train station with 5 minutes to spare. It was a little stressful to say the least!

My first stop was Covent Garden where I had a quick walk past on my way to my hotel. I'll be sharing a full review in the New Year but I absolutely loved it!
Once I dropped off my bag, filled in the security information and got changed, I headed on walk through to Trafalgar Square and the Christmas market. 
I then headed towards Buckingham Palace on a quick walk. I ended up getting caught in the parades as it happened to be the Changing of the Guards which in all my years, I've never actually seen. It was actually really spectacular, albeit a little confusing and very, very busy. 

I then went to Kings Cross, saw the Christmas decorations and then went to meet up with my friend from high school who still lives in London. It was a lovely hour and a bit long lunch catching up and then we parted ways as she had to get back to work. I then headed towards the outskirts of London to see the Disney 100 show. I will share all about it in another review in the New Year, but I was even more excited to see the Formula E car up close, which was a pleasant surprise. 
I then went back to the hotel, charged my phone and had a little lie down and chill, before heading out to grab something to eat from Pizza Express. Then it was time for my first West Show of the year, the new "The Time Traveller's Wife" which was incredible! Full review again coming soon!

The next morning, I had a great night's sleep and set off out to Covent Garden to truly see all the decorations. It's always so beautiful. 
Next stop was the annual Winter Wonderland trip, although I don't remember when I last went. 
It seems to get bigger and bigger every year. This year I had the most delicious Bratwurst, chi[s and to top it off, a gooey warm cookie!
One thing I really wanted to do this trip was to see Big Ben. I don't remember seeing it without scaffolding around it because it's been getting renovated for so long but I've seen pictures online and it's looked beautiful. I have to say, it looked even better in person! 
I also had a little visit to the Sky Gardens. I loved seeing all the Christmas decorations especially and happened to come of the clearest of days. 

The final stop of my trip was a little walk around London to see all the Christmas lights. I even got pulled in for a sofa experience with XBOX that was...different. 

Of course, I also stopped at Leicester Square for that Christmas market and then to China town, before walking back to the hotel. 
The train back was long and I was so drained by the end of it. It was delayed by almost an hour and I was so ready for bed. I'm glad I went, but I wish it was under different circumstances. Until next year!