Mixed Christmas Present Gift Guide 2023

With everything that's been going on in life, it was a massive weight off my shoulders that I had at least finished my Christmas present shopping before everything happened. I actually finished writing my Christmas cards and buying presents at the start of November, which is very early for me. It was so exciting to get all the boxes delivered and have them piling up in the living. Unfortunately, by the time it came to wrapping, I just got on with it as I ran out of time and was seeing people the first weekend in December. Most of the presents were purchased from Not on the High Street, with a few from Amazon and a few from Pretty Little Home. 

Let's start with my parents. For my mum, I bought her presents for relaxing, as well as to remember her mother. I started with a bath soak gift set, Teddy Gloves for dog walks, an angel bracelet and an angel tree ornament with a picture of my grandma in it. For her partner, I bought him a Golf Printed Pint Glass. For my dad, I find him the hardest so I just bought him a little robin decoration, and his girlfriend got her some slate signs for her garden growing. It's also her birthday so I gave her a bath soak gift set and a handbag too. 

For my oldest sister, I bought her a Recycled Cotton Birdhouse. I'm honestly a little jealous and would really like it myself! For my next sister, I bought her a display board from Pretty Little Home with a matching Reed Diffuser from Amazon. She's currently in the process of renovating her home so I thought it would be perfect to try and bring a little comfort. For my youngest sister, I bought her a different display board, some candles and candle holders to match the bathroom, now that she has it back to herself. I also bought some vegan, natural Purifying Botanical Facial Steam

For my oldest niece I bought her Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit. Her brother got a Interactive Glow In The Dark Dream Cloud Pillowcase. My youngest niece got a Personalised Kids Baking Set and my nephew got some musical instruments from a local garden centre. 

My cousin, Emma, got probably the gift I am most jealous of, with a Personalised Family Christmas Tree Serving Board. Her sister Eleanor is getting married next year, so for her I got Grow Your Own Confetti. The last present was bought for someone I considered a very close friend at the end of October and unfortunately we now no longer talk sadly, but it was a rum gift set and a special rum Christmas card too, as he loved Jamaica and the rum from his holidays this year. 

I really, really wanted to try and save money this year and attempt to stick to more of a budget. I often go a little overboard at Christmas but I thought I would try really hard to buy meaningful presents this year instead. Also, I am rubbish at buying presents for men so I went for joint couple presents this year, for everyone except my parents partners. Overall, the cost of all my presents (minus the late additions of Christmas Eve boxes which I will share on Friday) were under £300, around £20 each person. I have a membership with Not on the High Street which gives me 10% off, and I bought most of my gifts in the Black Friday sales too. 

What's on your Christmas list this year?