Christmas Present Haul 2023!

The day after Boxing Day and it's the first time I've sat down and relaxed for a full day in a while. Of course, I've still kept myself busy and I'm back with a present haul. 

I got a lot of chocolate this year. My mum decided to do a chocolate filled stocking. I got two chocolate bars, caramel truffles, robins, after eight mints, honeycomb pieces, matchmakers and a box of chocolates from some in laws. I also got a brownie baking kit which I can't wait to bake! 
Clothing wise, I got some socks, pyjamas and then two things I asked for: a new towel dressing gown for the hot tub at my mum's and then a drying coat. I hate having to shower and get dressed when I go swimming, and then reshower at home. This is a large coat that has a quic-dry towelling material inside. I can wear it right over by swimming costume to drive home and then get showered and washed at home. 
Leading onto home items, I have a beautiful new ochre blanket for my lounge. I got two candles, a little bauble, a silk pillowcase and a Stacker's Cable Tidy. I already have the latter and love it!
For beauty stuff, I'll be regifting most of these as I just don't use them. A Nuxe Body Set, beauty blenders and Christmas soap. 
I also got a self-care journal and new travel coins to update my collection. 
Finally, I got some money and gift vouchers: Next, M+S and a beauticians. My mum also treated us all to a trip to a spa hotel which will be nice. They've been a few times before but I haven't, so I'm excited to see what all the talk is about. 

Did you have a lovely Christmas? Did you get any nice presents?