Bloom + Wild: December 2023 (Review)

The gift that kept giving is officially finished. My mum's Christmas present to me last year was a one year flower subscription of letterbox bouquets from Bloom + Wild. 
This month, I got December's bouquet and I couldn't be happier. With its festive mix of dainty berries, ruby red roses, carnations, and deep green foliage, this one is bringing all the seasonal feels. Just what we all love this time of year. It includes: 15 stems including carnations, roses, eucalyptus, hypericum berries and sweet williams.
Each box arrives at a chosen date, fitting right through the letterbox. The boxes are 100% recyclable, with easy arranging tips included, alongside 2 food sachets to give on day 0 and day 3. They arrive in bud and the flowers burst into life over 48 hours. The best time I've found is around 1 week. It is important to note that each delivery is unique as sometimes colours vary. 
I have absolutely loved receiving these surprises each month. I love matching them to my seasonal decor, and this Christmas bouquet has made my Christmas table! I do think they're quite pricey for the number of stems received, but nevertheless, they're lovely and high quality. I think they're the perfect gift to send to someone special.