Christmas Eve Boxes for Adults!

I know Friday's tend to be my review posts, but given how close it is until Christmas, I wanted to share my Christmas Eve boxes ideas so that people can get their own ideas as well. I've loved the idea of Christmas Eve boxes since I first saw them so many years ago. I know they are traditionally for kids, but this year I am hosting a girls night for Christmas Eve with my mum and sister for the first time and so I am so excited to share some of the little ideas I had! 

Traditionally, you would give kids a book and a DVD to watch as a movie. My plan is to still watch a Christmas movie, but I have a couple saved on Amazon PRIME and Disney PLUS instead to watch. With almost every film ever made available on demand, streaming or to purchase online, I feel DVDs are well on there way out. Similarly, adults of books are fine but I personally would reach Christmas books during the month and not the day before Christmas. Also, neither my mum or sister are too big readers. 

So what did I get instead? First of all, I have never had Christmas stockings on a mantel piece and I was so excited to do it this year. I decided to buy some plain stockings to go with my decor and then pulled in the colours from the room with some pre-existing macramé stars that a friend made me a few years ago. I have a wire heart of my initial which I got a few years ago and I thought it was so cute. I can't wait to add more initials as I have children, but for now, they'll do for anyone! Specifically for Christmas Eve boxes, I bought some flat pack boxes (£12.98), but I think they're actually a little too small so they may get returned. 

First ad foremost, I had to buy everyone matching Christmas pyjamas (£14.99). We have never had matching pyjamas in my family and I've always wanted to, so this year is the year! I bought these from Amazon and there is a huge selection. I added on a couple pairs of fluffy socks (£10.99) to match. 

I knew I wanted some to craft, bake, eat and play. For the craft I found a perfect three-pack of Christmas trees (£8.99) that we can make as ornaments. I did so many of these as a child and we still have some of them so I thought it would be perfect. For the bake, I found some pre-made christmas tree gingerbread cookies (£9.90 total). I bought 2 packs so we would be able to do 3 each and then, as they only came with white icing, I also bought a couple of extra Christmas colours too from ASDA. For a little chocolate treat, I had to get something plain for myself, something fancy for my mum and something dark chocolate for my sister who is dairy free. I found some Green and Black's assortment pack (£4.00) which was perfect. I got everyone their own card game. I wanted something little, quick and fun so chose three small card games: Christmas Trivia (£4.99), Articulate (£9.99) and Soundlicious (£6.99). 

As I was finalising the items, I of course found some other pieces. I added in some fun Christmas glasses (£9.99). It was a pack of 6 so there are a few spare, and of course both the games and glasses can be re-used for Christmas Day and future celebrations. I thought seed bombs (£6.40) sounded so cute and also reminded me of my grandma so I thought they were perfect. Finally, I found some cute bracelets (£11.99) that I thought would finish the boxes off perfectly. Again, lots of spares to be used for something else as well!

The total price when accounting for the duplicate items came to around £43 each which I think it perfect. It's probably a little bit more than I should have spent but I think we all deserve a few little treats! Don't forget to read my full mixed Christmas gift guide and if you make Christmas Eve boxes, let me know what you put in them!