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Winter Wedding, Wet Walks and Mothers Day!

My mental health isn't the best at the moment, so I haven't been recording too much. Here's life from the last 7 weeks.  Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  I started the vlog with a lovely walk with my cousin and nephew. It's crazy how much has changed. I had a big gap without seeing him and now he's walking and talking and has such big teeth. He's a proper little boy! This year, I have 6 weddings to attend and honestly, it's getting a little stressful with hen parties, weddings and everything in between. I get 4 requests a month, and there is a lot of days I need to try and be free, so I sadly can't attend them all. Luckily, I could attend a university friend's wedding which was lovely. It was so nice to catch up with a couple of friends as well.  I ended up having a couple of weeks off. I am a little desperate for money so I ended up picking up a few extras but in my time off, I went to Wales for a few days to see my dad where we went to a

Detoxing and Refreshing

At the start of the year, I made some new year resolutions which have been progressing well, but I've found myself becoming obsessed with certain things, almost as an addiction and I feel I need to completely remove them from my life, even though I know that will be hard.  First, I have become addicted to a number of apps on my phone and I feel like I need to start a clean slate and just delete them from my life completely. I downloaded them all in December and since then, I spend hours on them every day. and Impulse are more brain training games and less of a problem, but Solataire Cash, Solataire Smash and ReelShort...they've got to go. So as of the start of March, I've officially deleted them.  Second, I end up spending hours on my phone, especially in bed. Sometimes I can be scrolling through TikTok, planning just 30 minutes and still being awake 3 hours later. I want to stop this and hopefully in the process, improve my sleep. I want to start doing what I us

My Next Midwifery Goals 2024 - 2026

The last few weeks, I've spoken about completing my first revalidation and what I've accomplished in my first three years as a qualified midwife, but what are my goals for the next three years?  Get my Pay Rise.  I feel we've had a lot of pay rises over the last three years. We had a Covid-19 pay out and a national pay rise, albeit these were very small. I also of course, had my pay increase from Band 5 to Band 6, but as I now have been a Band 6 for over 2 years, my next payslip should have a further increase. My hourly rate should be changing from £18.10 an hour to £19.10 an hour.  Finish my Masters.  I am currently doing a part-time online learning Masters degree. I started in September 2022 and I am meant to finish in July 2024, with graduation in the winter. I am currently on track to finish on time, and whilst I was hoping for a Distinction, I'm somewhat disappointingly now looking at a Merit. Regardless, I will still be proud when this is achieved.  Secure a Sha