My Next Midwifery Goals 2024 - 2026

The last few weeks, I've spoken about completing my first revalidation and what I've accomplished in my first three years as a qualified midwife, but what are my goals for the next three years? 

  1. Get my Pay Rise. 
    I feel we've had a lot of pay rises over the last three years. We had a Covid-19 pay out and a national pay rise, albeit these were very small. I also of course, had my pay increase from Band 5 to Band 6, but as I now have been a Band 6 for over 2 years, my next payslip should have a further increase. My hourly rate should be changing from £18.10 an hour to £19.10 an hour. 

  2. Finish my Masters. 
    I am currently doing a part-time online learning Masters degree. I started in September 2022 and I am meant to finish in July 2024, with graduation in the winter. I am currently on track to finish on time, and whilst I was hoping for a Distinction, I'm somewhat disappointingly now looking at a Merit. Regardless, I will still be proud when this is achieved. 

  3. Secure a Shared Governance Role. 
    I've wanted to be on the Labour Suite Shared Governance Council for a number of years, but with other roles and the availability on the team, I was on the waiting list for a long time. A number a staff members have recently moved to different positions within the trust, or left completely and therefore the council has had a complete revamp. I have finally been successful in my application and our first meeting is in February. 

  4. Complete my Newborn Life Support Course. 
    One of my biggest fears is neonatal life support. Whilst I have achieved the competencies and provided support in emergencies, it's not something I feel comfortable with. I have asked to do the course for the last 2 appraisals I have but it was finally actioned as my last meeting, and I am booked to do the detailed, in depth course at the end of March! 

  5. Practice as a Professional Midwifery Advocate. 
    As part of my Masters, my optional module was the Professional Midwifery Advocate course. I successfully achieved this and I am just awaiting official board approval before I can practice. I have already been in contact with the PMAs and I am going to be a Band 7 sessional PMA which is very exciting, working 1 day a month as a PMA, providing staff wellbeing support, alongside birth reflections and birth planning sessions. The new contract can't be written until I have the certificate but it should be within the next 6 months for sure. 

  6. Improve Work-Life Balance. 
    At present, I go on my work devices almost daily to stay on top of emails and to check up on previous patients I have looked after. With about 10 emails a day, often requiring actioning, I can do unpaid work related activities for a good hour or more each day. I actually don't mind it, but I hope to be able to tune off a little more over the next few years. 

  7. Increase back to Full Time Hours. 
    I think a lot of people would view me as quite a career-focussed person and whilst that's true, deep down I've always dreamt of being a mother and I cannot wait to have children. I finally feel like children are within reach and by the time I next revalidate, I hope I'm very close to going on maternity leave. I've always said 30 and so my current plan is to travel America and Canada for a month this year, Australia and New Zealand for a month next year and the year after to have a sperm-donor baby. Of course, I want full-time pay for maternity leave so instead of my current 29 hours a week contracted (I do pick up at least 1 extra a week usually), I will increase back to 37.5 hours. 

  8. Maybe, just maybe...Work as a Hypnobirthing Instructor. 
    I actually qualified as a training Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing Instructor back in 2020 and whilst I feel I am better able to respond, respect and react to women hypnobirthing that I look after at the hospital, I haven't actually taught anyone the course in full and I would love to get back into it. I am not sure if it will happen in the next three years, but I defintely plan to make it more of a role after that, when I have children. 
Compared to my first three years as a midwife, there aren't as many big changes, but these are roles and goals that will continue to be beneficial throughout my career, so I think it will be about stabilising the role and feeling confident.