Am I Professional Midwifery Advocate Now?

After submitting my PMA workbook and the final part of the assessment, I eager waited the result. It took a long time as the grading boards meet once a term and of course, as it was in the middle of a term, I had to wait until the end. Nevertheless, I now have the result and supposedly I got 100%. I was obviously very happy initially but it turns out it's a pass or fail criteria, rather than a grading which is a little disappointing. I'm not sure what that means for the overall mark and classification of degree at the end, but I guess that will be awarded based on the other scores instead. 

I had thought I would receive recognition of the qualification, alongside a certificate with this but I didn't, so I reached out to my module lead again. She said that although I have passed, I have to wait for a MAP ratification the next term, so I can't work as a qualified PMA just yet, but hopefully soon!