Cousins Trip, New Car and School Reunions!

My first annual leave of 2024 called for a cousins day to celebrate Christmas, car shopping and buying a new car and seeing lots of friends from high school!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Everything started a little stressful. I woke up early and got ready for a cousin's day out in Leeds. I was so excited, even having time to paint my nails. I was waiting for my cousin to come and pick me up and then got the dreaded message to say she was running late. I was somewhat expecting it, but when I hadn't heard anything in 40 minutes, I contacted her again, only to find out she'd lost her car keys and was no longer coming. Talking about frustration and stress. I then had to race to book an Uber and a train and only just made it to the next one available, but of course, it was 2 hours and so I was over an hour and a half later than planned. 

My mum picked me up from the train station and then we went to the car dealership to collect my new car. I've shared pretty much a full car tour on the vlog, but I'll be writing a blog post with all the details and a review in probably around a months time. We quickly dropped the car back at the farm before she kindly dropped me off in Leeds. Sadly, I'd missed out on Darts which I was really looking forward to, and I lost my £11 non-refundable deposit. I caught them in the last few minutes and so didn't even get to throw one before we moved on to the next venue: Fleur. The food portions were okay, but not huge. Luckily, the food was tasty. 

Next up was Junkyard Golf for a round of mini golf, which I did terribly at. Before moving onto All Bar One. I wasn't really into the bar scene, especially not on a busy Saturday night, so I was glad everyone decided it was best to go home at that point. My cousins still in Pontefract, headed back there, whilst the rest of us headed to my Aunt's house to go meet up with my nephew. He even took his first big step sessions with 7 in a row!
The next day, I set up the car and explored all the ins and outs before heading to Wakefield to meet up with Alice for Sunday lunch at The Iris. The food was lovely, although I defintely missed my roasted carrots and pigs in blankets that they served last time. 
When I got back, everyone else was heading out into the storm, so I had a night alone finishing Big Love, which I have absolutely loved watching, although I was really unhappy with the actual ending. Very much a disappointment. I ended up going into the hot tub in the blustery winds and enjoying the vast contrast in temperature for an hour too. 
To end my long weekend, I headed to breakfast with Maria, another high school friend, who I hadn't seen for a while and it was so lovely to catch up and talk about life. The food was delicious but there was SO much! I barely finished half before having to call it a day and I was a little disappointed it didn't come with toast but neveretheless, it was lovely. Afterwards, I headed to the bakery to get some treats for later as she headed off to work in York.