Disney on Ice: 100 Years (Review)

I have wanted to go to Disney on Ice for so many years. I love the idea of celebrating all things Disney and I would absolutely love to go to America and visiting Disneyland and DisneyWorld one day, but that will be a long way away, if ever. I have been to DisneyLand Paris as a solo adult, but it’s not quite the same. I tried to get my sisters to let me bring my nieces or nephew but none of them were interested, and my oldest niece has actually already been before. Instead of waiting yet another year, I decided to go alone and I am so glad I did. Whilst, it wasn’t quite what I had initially expected, it was still so much fun and filled with all the magic that Disney is. 

Now I think they tried to really make the show interactive for the kids, which was nice in a way but personally not for me and I found it quite gimmicky. It centred around 2 American young adults who came around to encourage the audience to be entertained. From here, the story evolved from bringing out the key Disney members: Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto. They then encourage them to pick their favourite Disney stories, memories and songs, which are then showed throughout the show. 

The first half of the show focused on some of the old school Disney, but also on the Toy Story franchise which had a number of songs and acts, with a large group of cast members which was fun and relatable for all the ages. Moana was the specific story and I loved how they brought the story alive. They did all the big songs, and told the entire story from start to finish. The first song represented the culture of the island, then we explored Moana's journey with the amazing boat scene and my favourite wave. They even utilised fire to act as explosion for the battle with the mountain which was completely unexpected and very wow-ing. 

They did include some of the traditional princess' but only very briefly which for me was a little disappointing, as was the main thing I thought would be included. They did each princess and partner in quick succession, maybe a couple of minutes each. Each did their distinct, most famous song, but each type of dance was unique and interesting. They included aerial acts with Rapunzel and her beautiful long hair, which was amazing; they added a dragon in with Pocahontas. By far, this sequence was my favourite part of the show and at the end, they brought all the princess' out together!

The second half focussed on some of Mickey's memories like the magician and the broomstick song which really made me smile as it brought back so many childhood memories. The two stories that they really shared were Frozen and Encanto. Again, like with Moana they shared all the key songs and the story from start to finish, with added special effects. For Elsa, they had icicles come down from the sky and careful staging to appear like the ice castle. For Encanto, they included a lot of intricate details and again more aerial acts from both Luisa's and Isabela's songs which were eye-catching and really well integrated as well. 
I would just add that I found literally the perfect seat. It was a single seat where I was in a little isolated pocket, but perfect for me. I had extra leg room, was close to the stage and right by the balcony which meant I didn't have anyone in front of me that I had to reach my head over. The most expensive seats in the house were by the stage but the stage was at ground level and there was no incline so I can only imagine the four rows would have struggled to see over the first, especially the kids. Of course, I treated myself to a hot dog and chips for the first half and then a packet of crisps and some chocolate for the second too. 

Overall, I absolutely loved the show. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of content, albeit did miss the traditional Disney princesses which was a shame. Mostly, I was sad it ended and wished it was longer as it was the shortest show I have ever seen!