Citroen C3 Aircross Flair 2020 - Car Tour, Accessories and Review

It's been just over a month since I bought my new car and today I thought I would share all the details, my purchased accessories and of course, a little review too! For those that don't know, my last car sadly got written off so I was forced to buy a new car and I ended up choosing the Citroen C3 Aircross Flair. I got a second hand car, with one previous owner. It had some expected wear and tear damage, but is just 3 years old and has done less than 20,000 miles. 

Starting with my dashboard and console. I love how sleek and smooth this interface looks and one thing I really wanted was a touchscreen for a SatNav and Apple Play, with a digital speedometer. I've found it lovely to be able to connect my phone directly and listen to music and audiobooks especially. As well as having Google Maps on screen. I have actually tried the in built SatNav which I do actually like, however, the confidence from up to date information comes from my phone. The speed dial has been so crisp and clear, but it's the cruise control feature that I love. Setting it to 70mph on the motorway has been lovely as I haven't had to think about it or concentrate on the speed too much. 
In the back, I have plenty of space. The boot itself feels smaller than my last car so I was a little taken aback, but in reality there is probably more because its deeper. There is a spare wheel and then two floor levels. There's actually an extra 5" underneath I could utilise if needed and then obviously it's taller. Here, I've reused the organiser I had in my last car. I have all sorts of emergency equipment for every occasion: breakdown kit, first aid kit, glass breaker, ice screen cover and shopping bags. 
In the back seat, it's a basic 3 seater with 2 isofix base points. The middle seat is quite small with the seatbelt coming in from the boot. They all fold down really easily with a pulley system but not all the way to the floor. The middle seat also acts as an arm rest which is an added bonus. There is a drinks holder in each door, as well as one in the centre. Here, I put my two hooks which I use for my car bin and then coat and bags. I also most recently purchased rubber car mats as I felt these would be much easier to clean and some car covers as I felt with taking out the nieces and nephews, these would protect them for longer, especially with the car seats. 
Finally, in the front, I've already talked about the dash area, but I did also add the rubber floor mats here too. I have grown to really love the handbrake because it feels secure with a button to press to put it on and to release. I also like the gearstick which I never thought I would say. It's very ergonomical and fits perfectly in the palm on my hand.

The only other thing I've purchased is some leather key pouches. Everyone worried me with stories of keys getting stolen and copied, either in restaurants or in the house, so I've bought one for my spare and one for the one I'm using. My plan is to take it out only when driving and I have tested them and they do work really well. Even when right next to the car, the key isn't recognised until completely out of the pouch. 

Overall, I've loved having a bigger car with all the modern features and have especially liked being slightly higher up, despite feeling very high initially. The car drives so smoothly and most of all, making it my own has been wonderful. Here's to lots of memories and lots of years to come.