My First Revalidation as a Midwife

January marked the time for my first revalidation as I had reached the end of my first three years as a qualified midwife. I actually ended up doing my revalidation at the start of December because I was strongly encourage with Christmas and the New Year that it might be delayed, and I am so glad I did, because it took 6 weeks for it to be approved, which was a little worrying at the time. 

I had prepped for my revalidation throughout the three years, but mainly collected everything together the month before. Revalidation is about promoting good practice, as well as strengthening public confidence in the nursing and midwifery professions. It is a requirement to keep your PIN number and registration as a midwife. 

In order to revalidate you need:

  • 450 practice hours
  • 35 hours of CPD including 20 hours of participatory learning
  • 5 pieces of practice-related feedback
  • 5 written reflective accounts
  • A reflective discussion
  • A health and character declaration
  • A professional indemnity arrangement
  • A confirmation
As a full time NHS employee, I covered the 450 practice hours and 35 hours of CPD in abundance and then some, with mandatory training, on top of optional training. I collected all my cards, emails and staff comments over the three years and included these as feedback. I had a number of cards from patients and students. Plus, with requesting feedback from staff for my PMA course, I also had a number of short paragraphs from colleagues too. The written reflections were the main effort work, but I very much went overboard with an academic reflection writing technique. I wrote my experience, linked it to guidelines and evidence, then improvement strategy and the NMC Code. Apparently most people just do a short paragraph so I will defintely write less next time. 

Finally, the conclusive point was a meeting with a colleague to discuss the above, because having a discussion about plans for the future and signing off all the requirements. The submission process was quick and easy and I was a little disappointed I didn't have to upload any of my evidence but anyway, that's it for another 3 years!