The Time Traveller's Wife: The Musical (Review)

You know the book. You know the film. You maybe know the television show. Do you know the musical? I have one word to describe it and that is breath-taking. Based on Audrey Niffenegger’s internationally best-selling novel, this new musical is thrillingly brought to life with original songs from Grammy Award winners Joss Stone and Dave Stewart, and adapted by multi award-winning playwright Lauren Gunderson. 

The Time Traveller's Wife shares the story of Clare and Henry. Two lovers brought together over and over again, yet ripped apart in the same breath. Their journey explores an exceptional disorder of love, heartbreak and fight. 

Walking into the theatre, I was immediately in awe of the beautiful white birds scattered around the building. They were dainty, yet powerful and when they were integrated into the show itself, everyone was silent for a second with the magic. The staging itself is quite simple. There is very little and that which is used is integrated into songs and dances so you barely notice the changes. The casting similarly is kept tight-knit with key roles being played by the backing dances as well, but Clare and Henry were so perfectly and uniquely cast. My only complaint is that I wishes they'd have kept their natural English accents. 

Of course though, it's the songs that are truly incredible. Brand new and completely unique. They're each beautiful and story telling. My fear was that they would be gimmicky or fit in unnaturally. I was proved so wrong. Each song is perfectly placed and matches the mood of the moment. They provide the story through the song, so it's integrated seamlessly into the script and doesn't repeat aspects. 

On top of that, the main question I'm sure everyone had was how they were going to do the time travelling aspect and it was so clever! They had sequences of dances which distracted the audience to then allow Henry to disappear with clothes left in his place. Even with me watching him, I still missed every single disappearance. They also included a clever screen set up which made it looked like cracked glass and used body doubles to show the back of him from the other side of the stage. It was honestly mind blowing! The creativity throughout the whole show is just epic. 

I am so surprised that this is a limited run, so make sure to get tickets to see it soon. It finishes on February 24th so be quick! I honestly can't praise it enough. I loved it. I wish I could go again but I sadly can't get back to London in time before it finishes. I'm hoping dearly it gets renewed!