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Holiday 2014: Jewellery

Hi Everyone

When you go on holiday, you don't want take all if your collection because it can get lost or damaged really easily. I also, only wear jewellery in the evening because I am constantly in and out of the pool, so really I only where it for 5 hours maximum. 
Here are the pieces that I chose to bring with me this year.
My pandora bracelet:

I love my pandora bracelet. Most of the charms mean something to me: Aeroplane: my first trip alone to Tanzania, with GapMedics last year

Cupcake: this is how my friends and I celebrated are GCSEs so my mum got me a cupcake to remember  H: my name
Lock and Chain: a secret my sister told me...she was pregnant
Star: my mum said with my AS results 'I was her little super star' 16: my 16th birthday
Pearl: birthstone

Work books: from my dad for GCSE results
Carriage: from my sisters for prom 18: my 18th birthday Camera: I love taking pictures and I bought myself this on the day of my lasts A-level exam
My 'heart' necklace:


Holiday 2014: Day OOTD

Hello Everyone

Here are my outfits of the day from Portugal! 
Purple floaty dress from Debenhams about 3 years ago. It's really comfy but it is very fiddly to put on and off.
2: I got this from Debenhams this year, at £25, and I love it! It's surprisingly cool, super comfy and really easy to get on and off. Also, the colours look great with a tan!

This is from ASDA this year. Cheap and cheerful. The prefect bikini and round the pool outfit.
4: Probably 3 years old from Marks and Spencer's. Really easy to wear but I wouldn't recommend it to go out in because it is a little bit you can see above!

I wore this to Albufiera and Villa Moura on a day out. It was a little bit cold with lots of clouds blocking the sun. Crop white trousers, from who-knows-where (old!) and a new top from Next. It was really cheap because it was on sale as England had just left the world cup. Haha.
Similarly to the maxi dress, both match the bikini. This sarong is the …

Meeting My First Love Part 1

Hi Everyone,My first, and currently only, love is my gorgeous niece! I am going to do a few blogs on her being part of my life :)

How did she tell me?
She was coming up for the weekend, as she lives in London, and came to my dad's house. My dad already knew and I had no idea what was about to happen. She got me and my younger sister, Jessica, together and gathered us around the computer. Clicking play, a little grey blip on the screen moved. She was 3 months pregnant! 

How did I feel?
Honestly, when I first heard that my oldest sister Victoria was pregnant...I was shocked. In my mind, you should be together, engaged, married and then start a family. I have nothing against families in any other order but the picture-perfect, in my eyes, was that fairytale step. 
I went upstairs to my room and cried. When I look back I don't know if these were tears of shock, saddness or happiness. But after about half an hour, I ran downstairs hugged her and was over-the-moon!

Birth? Victoria had a di…

Race Weekend: Outfit of the Day

Hi Everyone,
As you know I am a massive Formula One fan and this weekend I travelled to Milton Keynes for the British Grand Prix 2014. 
It was an amazing experience as said in my previous post. 
Wednesday 02/07/14: I wore a long tunic top that is about 5 years old. It has holes in now but It is so comfy and a really pretty colour! This was paired with black leggings from Warehouse coating £14, black FitFlops and a paired this with a brown leather jacket from Joe Browns, an online company, costing around £30 I think. I wore my heart necklace half rose gold and half Sterling silver, from my father 3 Christmases favourite necklace! 
Thursday 03/07/14: 

I wore a grey horse top from Dorothy Perkins, around £15 I think, paired with turquoise jeggings from Dorothy Perkins and my black FitFlops. The same necklace again.

Friday 04/07/14: 

I wore a blue dress from Dorothy Perkins prices at £12. It is so comfy and in the summer I wear it as a dress and winter it can be worn with leggings so win…

Summer Foods

Hi Everyone,

When it's hot I hate to eat heavy meals. I get really full, really fast and it feels stodgy. 

Now the English summer has well and truly arrived and the temperatures are consistently in the 20°C I thought I would give some ideas of what I like to eat when it's hot. 

Number One: Barbeque.
Eating BBQ food outside on a warm summer evening is so simple but yummy! Get the BBQ on and loaded with meat and then start with the sides. My family and I tend to have a bowl of salad, a fresh crusty bread that we can chop into slices, jacket potatoes ect...

Number Two: Sorbet.
My guilty pleasure will always be Lemon Sorbet but I have recently got into Mango Sorbet as well. Sorbet is a refreshing, light and cold snack/pudding.  It is definitely a palate cleanser.  

Number Three: Cucumber.
Yet another refreshing snack to have and it is relatively healthy. One of your 5/6/whatever the new recommendations are. It is great because it retains moisture so it can be prepared before you want…

Sun Care Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone
In a hot country and on holiday, it is really easy to get burnt. I am usually pretty good but this year I got badly burnt on my back the first day :(  Excuses, excuses... I fell asleep for 2 hours so didn't reapply hence the burnt back but also I managed to burn my hair line and hair parting! 
Prepare:  If you live in a moderate climate place, e.g. England, spend some time outside on the warmer days so you can acclimatise slightly to hotter conditions. 
Protect:  Use suncream! When you first arrive, use AT LEAST factor 30 and put it all over the body, even places covered up. As you stay longer and get used to the environment, then you can start to go down. But never lower than 15! 
Reapply! Even if it's once-a-day suncream, put more on, especially on areas that are constantly exposed: neck, face, arms and legs. 
Where possible also wear other protection. Sunhats, sunglasses and t-shirts are great ways to minimise sunburn. 
Care:  Number one! Sunbathing also dehydrates the sk…

Late Presents

Hello Everyone, 
My gorgeous sisters always know the perfect presents to get for me and this year was no different. 
I love meaningful presents and those given for a remember special moments. 

This year they got me a gorgeous necklace from Alyssa Smith. This talented 27 year old makes gorgeous and delicate jewellery. 
This Silver Silverstone track for the British Grand Prix was worn by Suzie Perry during BBC One F1 coverage. Of course I wore it during my F1 adventures at the beginning on July! 

I absolutely love this necklace so much! It's the perfect way to remember my first ever Grand Prix weekend 💕
Stay tuned! Hannah xxx

Throwback: GapMedics

Hi Everyone,

Last year, I travelled to Tanzania with a company called GapMedics ( to spend 2 weeks in a Pre-Medicine work placement.
If you are interested in any health related medical work experience, check them out. Here's a little snippet from there website:

Want to know what being a doctor is really like? Our overseas medicine work experience placements are the perfect way to find out. Whether you are looking to gain valuable medicine work experience to put on yourUCAS application or an in-depth insight into working in a hospital, there is no better way to learn more about medicine than shadowing clinical experts carrying out their day to day duties. Our overseas pre-medical placements can be tailored to your interests: During your time on placement, you will spend each week in a different department, according to your interests. Within this department, you will be assigned a doctor who will act as your mentor, explaining cases to you and answering any q…

My Time In London!

Hi Everyone,
Monday 22/06/14: 
On Sunday my mother and I took a train down to London. I had a meeting to go to at University College London ready for September and the hotel was only a short 10 minute walk from the campus, so I woke up, got ready and walked to the appointment. It didn't take very long and while I was there I got chatting to some nice friends! I then walked back and had breakfast with my mum. 
After a long relaxing breakfast, we went back to the room and got ready for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation. 
I only needed to change my dress so while mum had a shower I watched the start of Wimbledon! Andy Murray's match was obviously what I was waiting for ;) Then we got a taxi to St James' Palace. It truly is beautiful inside.

After I went to get some professional photographs taken. Photos being posted soon! 
Then we walked to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch Wicked and just managed to fit in Pizza Express for tea. I had my usual Pizza Margherita …